Travelers' Top Picks for 2014 Trips

Dream Big

Travelers' top 10 dream trips, plus more results from our 8th Annual Travel Dreams Survey.


By Justin Paul

Nearly 9,000 of you shared your travel aspirations with us in this year’s survey, and while some favorite destinations and experiences continue their reign (Italy and Australia, Paris cuisine, world cruising, we’re looking at you), once again you provided some nice surprises (Dubai, the Amalfi Coast, and the Greek Isles, welcome to the party).

From favorite food destinations to end-all be-all experiences of a lifetime, we've gathered all your top picks for spots that keep you dreaming.

Experiences of a Lifetime

World Cruise: You said: “I’ve taken four fabulous world cruises with my mother, who’s still very active in her 90s, and enjoyed watching her trip the light fantastic around Crystal Cruises’ Palm Court with one of their wonderful Ambassador Hosts, relive memories of Canal Zone life as we sailed through the Panama Canal, and browse numerous pedestrian-friendly ports.” –Anne Clark

2. Italy’s Amalfi Coast: It must be something in the limoncello: Amalfi Coast jumps 12 places this year. You said: “My wife and I spent five nights on Italy’s Amalfi Coast last year. Relaxing on Positano’s beach and eating at the cafés were the highlights of our trip.” –James Henson

3. Call on All Seven Continents

4. Rent a Private Island in the Caribbean

5. Rent a European Villa

6. Australia Highlights: The survey’s biggest mover, up from number 23 last year.

7. Photograph the “Big Five” on an African Safari

8. Galápagos Islands Expedition

9. Holy Land–You said: “I waited 25 years to get to the Holy Land, and the emotional connection was beyond my expectations. My travel advisor set us up with a private guide who took us to all the spots on our list, but the places off the beaten trail turned out to be the most memorable, such as the military base where we spent the afternoon among tanks and tents, talking to the soldiers over a cup of coffee—we connected with them on a humanitarian level.” –Leslie Eisner

10. Charter a Private Jet

Originally appeared in Virtuoso Life magazine, July 2014.

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