Top 10 Travel Destinations for 2015

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Croatia's Dalmation Coast.

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We surveyed Virtuoso travel advisors around the world to find out what’s big for 2015.

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By Aaron Gulley
Originally appeared in Virtuoso Life magazine, January 2015.
From safaris and city escapes to honeymoons, family adventures, Europe’s best value, and more -- here are the spots our advisors recommend now.
  1. Europe for Less: The Balkans
  2. Honeymoons: French Polynesia or Maldives
  3. Culture: Milan
  4. Safari: South Africa
  5. The Emerging Destination: Myanmar
  6. City Escape: Paris
  7. Supernatural Nature: The Galapagos
  8. Family Travel: Costa Rica
  9. Close to Home: Napa Valley
  10. Adventure Travel: New Zealand
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Leading Luxury Destinations

The Hot List
What destinations have the most year-over-year growth in terms of travelers flocking to them? Interestingly, 8 of the 10 locations on the first 2015 Hot List weren't on any 2014 versions.