Space: The Ultimate Travel Destination

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SpaceShipTwo on a test flight.
Virgin Galactic Spaceport America.

The most sought-after seat for 2014 isn’t at the World Cup or Winter Olympics. It’s on Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo. Richard Branson’s futuristic transportation project is set to be the first-ever commercial suborbital space flights.

An overview: The mother ship, dual-hulled WhiteKnightTwo, will ferry the six-passenger spacecraft to 50,000 feet before releasing it to fire its rocket motor and blast to the rim of space at speeds approaching 2,500 miles per hour. Passengers, who will complete g-force training for the trip, will then experience about five minutes of weightlessness and the view of a glowing planet Earth against the backdrop of space some 360,000 feet up. Just don’t forget to charge your camera batteries before blastoff.

Virtuoso’s accredited space agents are the exclusive North American travel advisors for Virgin Galactic flights.
Originally appeared in Virtuoso Life magazine, January 2014.

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WhiteKnightTwo on the ground.