Pizza Face-Off: New York, Chicago, and Naples

New York-style pie.
Head to Naples for soft, puffy pizza crust.
Chicago-style pizza goes deep.

Pizza Three Ways

Find out where to get the best pie that each destination serves up.


By Jeff Koehler
Photography by Tara Donne (New York) and Bob Stefko (Chicago)
Few foods drive such passion and opinion – and in so many places – as pizza, and nowhere is this truer than New York City, Chicago, and Naples. Each offers a distinct take on this global favorite that its supporters, naturally, argue is the best.
New York
Proper pizza etiquette: Folded and eaten with the hands and often cut into large, wide triangles.

From the bottom up:
  • Thin, crispy crust
  • Thin layer of tomato sauce
  • Thin layer of mozzarella cheese
  • Toppings used in moderation
  • A bit of pooled oil on the surface
Where: Di Fara Pizza
1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn; 718/258-1367
Chicago Deep-Dish
Proper pizza etiquette: Requires a plate and a fork and knife to eat.
From the bottom up:
  • Made in a seasoned aluminum pan
  • Thicker crust that is pulled up on the side of the pan
  • Various toppings – sausage is a Chicago favorite
  • Generous layer of tomato sauce on top of ingredients
  • In total, a couple inches deep
Where: Lou Malnati’s Lincolnwood (the chain’s original location)
6649 N. Lincoln Avenue; 847/673-0800
Proper pizza procedure: The dough is made the day before and left to rise slowly for many hours, whereas it takes only about a minute to cook in a wood-burning.
From the bottom up:
  • Bottom of crust blistered, crisp, and slightly charred with a smoky flavor
  • Soft, puffy, stretched crust
  • Sparse toppings
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Originally appeared in Virtuoso Life magazine, November 2014.

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