How To Tip Hotel Staff

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What does the full staff deserve in tips?

A Guide To Tipping

Quick hint: have a good deal of $1 bills handy.

What about spa staff?
A stack of singles is positive.

Originally appeared in September 2014 issue of Virtuoso Life

By Role:
Hotel driver: $5 for a quick trip; $10-$20 for longer-distance airport transfers

Doorman: $1-$2 for hailing cabs or helping with bags ($5 if it’s raining)

Bellman: $1-$2 per bag upon delivery to room

Front desk attendant who shows you to your room: No tip expected

Concierge: No tip needed for simple reservations or directions; $20 and up for securing seats at a sold-out event or other exceptional services

Housekeeping: $2-$5 each day (leave it daily, as different housekeepers may tend to your room throughout your stay)

Butler: $5-$10 per day at end of stay; more for special services (you haven’t lived until someone else has packed your bags)

Pool and beach attendant: $3-$5 for setting up chairs and umbrellas

Children’s center: $20 at end of stay (a peaceful drink by the pool is priceless, after all)

Ski concierge: $5 per day for handling equipment; $3 for helping your kids (or you) put on boots and other gear

Spa attendant: No tip expected

Spa therapist: 15-20 percent of treatment price (make sure gratuity isn’t already included)

What Hoteliers Say:
“Send thank-you notes. If a staffer impressed you, mention him or her by name in a comment card or note to the general manager.”

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