Using An Advisor: Heidi Todd

Even abroad, Heidi Todd and friends support U of A ...
... taking in a beach town ...
... and approving of a new room.

Using An Advisor: Heidi Todd

"It might seem like it can cost more, but we've actually SAVED so much time and money"


Heidi Todd, an Arizona-based Virtuoso traveler, works with advisor Gena Stoll of Camelback Odyssey Travel. Actually, though, to say only she works with Gena is a bit of an understatement.

"I've been working with Gena for 10 years," says Todd, "and I've referred several of my friends to her in that time. Now, none of us will book anything without her!"

Ms. Todd and her friends are all extremely capable adults, but they find comfort in working with a travel advisor.

"You sometimes think maybe it will cost more to use an advisor, but it might actually cost less. My friends and I have all saved so much time and money using Gena's services."

Todd continues, "Prior to working with an advisor, a lot of our friend group tried to coordinate their own travel. We'd have stressful situations like arriving and finding we booked the wrong night, the location was too remote, the hotel was much shabbier than it looked online, the flight layover times meant we missed something, or any one of a host of things. The advisor saves countless hours and mistakes in travel."

Ms. Todd's advisor coordinated a 12-couple (24 total people) trip to Europe with a complex itinerary and varying familial budgets, dietary restrictions, and travel styles.

"It worked out fantastic. We're now actually planning group trips with the same group to other countries for the next few years," admits Ms. Todd.

Ms. Todd and her friends have been to Hotel del Coronado several times as well.

"That's a beautiful hotel, but it's also older, and there's a big variation in the rooms. When you work with a Virtuoso advisor, you always get the best room, in the best location, with the best view. There are wonderful extras around Sunday brunches and spa packages -- and more."

Ms. Todd was asked to sum up her relationship with her advisor, and the overall value of using one. She thought for a second, and then came back with this:

"We've literally been on trips and the plane has landed and we're walking into the airport to come back to our lives, and someone says, 'We should call Gena and plan our next trip.' It's just so stress-free."