Nancy Sage And Navigating To Your Price Point

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Nancy and her boys in Italy...

'Don't Be Wimpy About It'

Get out and see the world. Virtuoso traveler Nancy Sage tries to, and her advisor helps.

... the boys and dad dolled up in Rome...
... and the Sages' room view in Costa Rica.

One of Nancy Sage's four boys is friends with one of Virtuoso advisor Gena Stoll's children, which is how Gena and Nancy originally connected. Nancy's family operates according to a strong belief that "culture is everything," and as such, travel was important to them. She began working with Gena, planning a smaller Costa Rica trip last November before embarking on a much larger Italy trip months later. It was a good opportunity to reconnect, as Nancy's four sons are scattered in various U.S. cities.

"There were a lot of steps to that Italy trip," says Nancy, noting that it was six people (her husband and four sons), but everyone was arriving and departing at various times and in different cities. She began solo in the Siena area, and some of her sons arrived (and then left) at different points. The overall agenda ended up including Rome, Positano, and Ischia.

"I knew the price point of working with an advisor might be higher," says Nancy, "but for a big trip like this, where you know the memories will be there forever, you need to find out what your price point is and navigate to that. Gena is excellent in this regard."

There are other perks, of course: while in Ischia, the family got to use the same thermal baths that Roman conquerors once used. On that Costa Rica trip, the resort they were staying in personally knew Gena.

"That's a long day of travel," says Nancy, who is based in Phoenix, "and to get there and have all these wonderful things waiting for you on the strength of your advisor's relationship with the property is so great."

She underscores that point: "For a normal traveler, or a busy person in their day-to-day life, the communications and connections part of traveling are always going to be the hardest to accomplish. It definitely is for me, but that's where working with an advisor like Gena is so helpful and valuable."

The family is considering an Alaskan cruise now; Nancy notes, "We firmly believe that the people you meet and the sites you see while traveling can shape you as a person. You can't be wimpy about that. You just need to get out and do it."

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