Matt Morrissette And Seeing The World Now

First image...
Hawaii's first sunrise of 2015.

No-Regrets Travel

Matt Morrissette and wife want to get out and see the world. Here's how Virtuoso helps.

The view from the Morrissettes' room in Hawaii.
Matt's shot at Grand Teton National Park.

Matt Morrissette and his wife don't have children and tend to prioritize some of their earnings back to travel. His father and stepmother have worked with Virtuoso advisor Susan Boehnstedt in the past, so last summer – as Matt and Kelsie spent their own time attempting to research an Alaskan cruise – they ultimately turned to Boehnstedt as well.

What followed was a stunning trip, then several others (the Galapagos Islands and Jackson Hole, among others), and a new perspective on life for the Morrissettes.

"The value of using an advisor is absolutely nothing compared to the price," explains Matt. "I've been that traveler who has a flight from Reagan in D.C. and shows up at Dulles. It's always good to have an extra set of eyes on the itinerary, if nothing else. And obviously with Virtuoso, there's a lot more."

When the Morrissettes went to Jackson Hole, they jumped between numerous properties across a week or so; working with an advisor made that process much more tenable. "All the properties through Virtuoso tend to be in our wheelhouse," Matt adds.

As for the life-view adjustment?

"The more we've traveled, the more I've thought about this idea," says Matt, "that maybe some of the things we're seeing and experiencing won't be there by the time we retire. I've talked to people who think about travel the way most people do – that you travel more when you're done with your working years – and a lot of them have regrets about not doing large chunks of it sooner. That's what we're trying to do, and having an advisor makes it so much easier and comfortable."

Morrissette also maintains a website documenting his travels (photos and a blog).

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