Lauren Doyle And Once-In-A-Lifetime Experiences

First image...
Lauren in Florence...

The Vasari Corridor

Ever heard of it? OK. Ever had a private tour of it? A Virtuoso advisor can do that.

... the entrance to the Vasari Corridor ...
... and some downtime on Lake Como.

Lauren Doyle connected with her Virtuoso travel advisor, Stephanie Wrobel of Nomadic Souls, the modern way: She followed Wrobel's personal blog and tweets. Having already set up the basics of a trip to Italy (flights and cities of interest), Lauren approached Stephanie to fill in the gaps.

"It was a totally seamless process," says Lauren, "and one awesome aspect was that she didn’t completely take over everything; my husband and I could be as involved as we wanted to. But we’re busy people, so for certain parts of the itinerary, working with an advisor was invaluable."

One highlight of the trip – which Lauren affectionately calls "Italy for Dummies" – was a private tour of Florence’s Vasari Corridor. Constructed in 1564, it connects to the renowned Uffizi Gallery. A bombing by the Italian mafia in 1993 heavily damaged that side of the corridor; after the rebuild, the unrestored, still-damaged paintings were hung in Vasari as a reminder of the event.

"It was so interesting to see, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience to get a private tour like that," says Lauren. "Plus, when we were in Florence, Ron Howard and Tom Hanks were at our hotel."

As thrilling as it was to see the team behind The Da Vinci Code in person, the excitement didn’t end there.

"The whole trip was unbelievable," she says. "In Pompeii, Stephanie set us up with a tour guide who knew everything about the history of the town and the volcano. We had incredible first-hand experiences that wouldn't have been possible without using an advisor."

Lauren and her husband plan to work with Stephanie on several upcoming trips – “the value,” notes Lauren, “is off the charts.”

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