Joy Romero And A Honeymoon, 37 Years Later

First image...
On the "croc boat..."

Wait Four Decades...

... And a honeymoon better be great. A Virtuoso advisor made sure of that.

... meeting parrot friends ...
... and another view of the boat.

Many couples don't necessarily take a vacation immediately after their wedding – but Virtuoso traveler Joy Romero and her husband probably waited a bit longer than most: 37 years.

Both are busy Calgary-based professionals. They had traveled a little bit when initially connected with Virtuoso advisor Ana Maria Perez (also based in Calgary). The first trip they wanted help with was a multi-family, multi-generational excursion to Hawaii.

"We wanted to go around Christmas," says Joy, "but we didn't start even thinking about planning it until October, which probably isn't wise. There were 9-12 people involved too, and really young children."

Ana jumped in to help, and according to Joy, "it was absolutely spectacular." The families stayed in Maui, about a five-minute walk from a beautiful beach.

"Nothing was difficult about the experience at all," says Joy.

Now that they understood the value and benefits of using an advisor, Joy and her husband connected with Ana on a second trip: they wanted to go to Belize and, essentially, have a honeymoon almost four decades after their wedding.

"This was another amazing trip," says Joy. "We were using private planes and cars throughout. The entire time was magical."

The couple had what they call "a National Geographic moment" when they got to float a river – on a 'rustic' boat, no less – with crocodiles all around them.

"The staff of the boat was making margaritas, and I grabbed one," says Joy. "My husband says 'No, I'll pass, I don't drink margaritas.' I told him, 'With a bunch of crocodiles circling around us, you're having one!'"

Since Belize, the couple also went on a Danube river cruise with Ana's help.

"At first, potentially there are some concerns about price," says Joy, "but after you work with someone once, you realize it's all about the value and the relationships they have with properties and tour companies and all over the industry. We travel because the experiences grow you as a person. Why wouldn't you want the trips to be the best they possibly could be?"

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