Jim Silver And The Value Of Experiences

Jim Silver and family at Pelican Hill Resort...
... Silver and his wife on the Amalfi Coast ...
... and, well, this.

Reasons To Work With A Travel Advisor

Jim Silver realized the nominal fees don't matter, but experiences do


Jim Silver is a born-and-bred Massachusetts guy – he still counts the Red Sox's improbable 2004 run to the World Series as one of his favorite moments – and also a longtime investment advisor.
As a result, the idea of an upfront nominal fee to work with a travel advisor wasn't something that bothered him. "As long as the advisor provides the necessary value-add, I have no problem with them being properly compensated."
Through a woman at his local gym, Silver was introduced to Erin Logsdon, a Massachusetts-based Virtuoso advisor. On their first phone call, Silver asked her to come meet him and his wife in person.
"She came in, and she had a good sense of who we were as people fairly quickly. She understood what we wanted out of travel experiences and what was best for our situation. There's a lot of value in that."
By "their situation," Silver means that he and his wife are blessed with two children, and now grandchildren as well. Their adult children are 3,000 miles apart – one in Massachusetts, and one in San Francisco. With a transcontinental, multigenerational family, the chance to travel together is of paramount importance.
"Our first Virtuoso trip was to The Resort at Pelican Hill," says Silver. "We had the whole family out there, and it was an amazing experience. Since then, we've booked three other trips. Our advisor always has great suggestions for us, redirects our thinking on some things, and gets back to us in a timely manner. It's totally stress-free and the value is there."
As a final thought, Silver offers this: "As I've gotten older, it's resonated more and more that experiences are more important than stuff. I'd much rather have my family together and enjoying each other's company than go out and purchase something which won't provide the same type of lasting memories. Working with someone on travel and experiences who really knows and understands the details and properties is invaluable."