Jennifer Ransom Rice And Travel Building Community

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The group at Santa Ynez Valley in California.

On Building Relationships

There's almost no better way to do it than travel. That's where advisors can help.

The group in Newport, Rhode Island...
... and at Storm King in Westchester (NY).

Jennifer Ransom Rice is the Executive Director of the Texas Cultural Trust, an organization with the mission of "inspiring, integrating, and illuminating" the arts in Texas. One prominent aspect of the Texas Cultural Trust is Texas Women for the Arts, a women's giving circle. The Texas Women for the Arts group takes a series of annual trips focused on arts-driven itineraries; a few years ago, each trip started to involve north of 40 women.

Ransom Rice made an agreement with her Board of Directors to bring on someone to help with the organizational travel, and ultimately turned to Virtuoso advisor Jacy Angelle. The two women sat down together and Ransom Rice provided a snapshot of the organization, the giving circle, and the types of trips that had been planned so far.

"I was explaining that these women are generally well-traveled and at more of a high-level," says Ransom Rice. "It's almost a red-carpet-all-the-way situation. Jacy got that immediately."

As a result, the Texas Women for the Arts group has been to New York City and the Hudson River Valley, Boston and Newport, and Santa Barbara with their advisor's guidance.

"The No. 1 value is that Jacy can access a network that we could never access. The connections and relationships she has through Virtuoso are amazing," says Ransom Rice. "Before we worked with an advisor, I would be calling people left and right asking if they knew someone at a property or in an area. I don't have to even think along those lines anymore."

The value of the trips has been great for the organization, too: it's an "incredible recruitment tool" for new members, and provides a huge degree of loyalty from the giving circle back to the Cultural Trust.

"One of the most amazing things about these trips and working with an advisor to make them so seamless," says Ransom Rice, "is the friendships I've seen initiated when we travel. I know women who grew up in the same town, don't know each other, but go on a trip and learn they have daughters the same age; the families become friends for years. The relationships you can build when traveling with someone are just amazing."

If you'd be interested in using a Virtuoso travel advisor – and potentially connecting with people from your city in the process – click below to connect.

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