Irv Welling And Broadening Your Mind

Taking a jet boat on the Shootover river near Queenstown...
... Milford Sound ...
... and the view at Cape Kidnappers.

Travel Because You're Inquisitive

That's what Irv Welling does – and ultimately, that's why he uses a Virtuoso advisor.


Irv Welling of South Carolina classifies himself as a bit "old-school," and as such, he had used a travel advisor for part of his life. 10-12 years ago, though, he transitioned to working with Virtuoso advisor Donna Peacock.

Although Welling had used travel advisors before, he did what many first-time Virtuoso travelers do: he used the advisor for a simple trip first, then saw the value and kept using her.

"That first trip was pretty basic; at the time, it was essentially just arrangements. But she did a great job and we kept working with her."

In the decade-plus since, Welling has worked with his advisor on numerous trips – including a recent journey to Australia and New Zealand which featured four days in the Outback and a stunning helicopter ride over Queenstown.

"Travel broadens your mind," says Mr. Welling. "I enjoy learning and experiencing new things. I think we often plan trips around being inquisitive about an aspect of the world, and it's great to have such a stress-free experience as we do that. The advisor allows that to happen."

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