Erik Lisher And Breaking The Daily Grind

First image...
Lisher and his daughter in the Caribbean.

Gotta Get Away

That's part of why you travel, right? Here's how an advisor helps.

The kids frolic in the waves.
The family poses in the surf.

The first few times Virtuoso staff tried to get ahold of Erik Lisher for this interview, he had been recently called into a meeting at his job. We played phone tag for a week or so, and then finally connected over e-mail. Erik is a busy man (as many Virtuoso travelers are). He also understands the value of travel, which is why he works with Virtuoso advisor Shawna Huffman Owen to plan his family's trips.

"Given the daily grind and competing everyday priorities of life (i.e. work for me and my wife and school and various activities for our kids), vacation is an important respite for our family to reconnect, rejuvenate and most importantly, relax," says Erik. "Time is finite and time together as both a couple and as a family are precious so we always want to make the most of our vacations together."

That's the essence of why he uses an advisor – they met because Huffman and her husband were friends with Erik and his wife before each couple had children – because "Shawna and her staff take all the hassle and stress out of planning vacations which enables us to enjoy and appreciate the time together even more."

Erik's family has been to the Caribbean several times under their advisor's guidance, as well as some skiing trips (in the U.S.) across several winters.

"Before each trip, she helps us plan and schedule meals, activities and events and always ensures our travel to / from each location is seamless. Just having the peace of mind around her recommendations on dining and specific hotel accommodations helps put our minds at ease and allows us to enjoy our vacations from the outset," says Erik. "She also proactively seeks and solicits real-time feedback from us after each trip, utilizing that feedback with other clients as well as to better tailor future trips for us."

That's another core element of the advisor relationship for Erik: each trip is tailored. They are based on the Lishers, their children, and their past travel experiences. Nothing is one-size-fits-all.

"One of the other major things that shows with working with an advisor is that their business is often their passion too," says Erik, "so you have this kind of blurred line between business and pleasure that makes the end trips so amazing."

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