Emily Howard Slater And Navigating Properties

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The newlyweds on a boat in Greece.

Limit Your Googling Time

When you take big trips, you want great rooms. But how do you KNOW? Well, advisors do.

One view of Santorini...
... and a wholly different one.

At the time Emily Howard Slater and her husband (then fiancé) started using Virtuoso advisor Louisa Gehring, they were knee-deep in planning their wedding. They knew they wanted a special honeymoon, but really had no time to focus on planning it. Emily's husband, Sam, found Louisa through Facebook connections. The couple sat down for an initial consult with her, and after getting to know them, Louisa proposed five potential destinations.

As they tried to narrow it down – and plan their wedding at the same time – what jumped out at the soon-to-be newlyweds was the responsiveness of their advisor. "We would e-mail her at 10 pm and not expect an answer until the next day," says Emily. "And it would come in 15 to 20 minutes."

The couple settled on Greece for their honeymoon and visited a variety of sights within the country.

"Each place we went and stayed was different, and she considered all that," says Emily. "We ended in Santorini, and she even knew the exact room to request to maximize the view. She handled everything. It was a perfect trip."

Emily and her husband had spent long hours researching different properties, resorts, and countries online before they turned to an advisor. That was where the real value came in.

"[An advisor] really helps with navigating different properties. If you take a big, special trip – like your honeymoon – and you go to a place with a lot of hotels and resorts, even if you've had good friends who have been there, you never know exactly what you might be getting. For a trip you're going to remember years later, you want to make sure all the properties are what you want. Louisa has all those connections and has worked with these hotels, traveled to these places herself. It's invaluable."

Emily also used her advisor for a dress-fitting trip to NYC with her mother ("We were treated extra special at our hotel") and for the couple's one-year anniversary trip to Palm Beach, Florida. "On that trip, we had been thinking about one specific Virtuoso property, but because of the type of travelers we are, she guided us to another one. It was great."

Emily ultimately defines the relationship as such: "The service is always above and beyond, and I trust everything she gives us a thousand percent. I don't think I'd ever go back to doing it myself. The value is just too great."

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