Doug Coe And Seeking A Broader Perspective

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You Still Have Control

Some travelers worry an advisor will rush in and do everything. That's often not the case.

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Doug Coe and his wife are avid cruisers, but have a very particular style of cruising. As he explains it, "I don't like to hang around at shopping malls, either." They enjoy smaller, more personalized cruises. Both retired, they often have the time to research and plan their own travel.

That, combined with concerns about any upfront fees, led Coe to predominantly work on his own itineraries. Recently, though, he responded to an offer tied to Florida-based Virtuoso advisor Mike Lukins (who works with Affluent Journeys) and ended up booking a South Pacific cruise. Upon returning, Doug worked with Mike to set up three more cruises through 2017.

What changed?

"I had been scared on cost," says Doug, "but I found quite the contrary experience. The value and perks are excellent."

The way Doug works with his advisor highlights a key question many new Virtuoso travelers tend to have: how much control are they giving up?

"The relationship is a value-add," Doug explains, "because you can get the perks and ideas from the advisor, but you also have some control over your individual itinerary. We were snorkeling and in the water every day on the cruise, and some of that we designed ourselves. But Mike helps with everything, and is a great, very clear communicator."

Doug and his wife travel to seek a global perspective, even noting the Mark Twain quote about travel being "fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."

"We want to seek a broader context and perspective," says Doug, "and it's great to do that working with someone who will always go the extra mile."

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