Claudine Hendee Hartland And Traveling Seven-Deep

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The youngest meets a new friend.

Advisors Make Life Easier

Traveling with five kids should be a challenge – but not with an advisor.

The boys enjoying Turks and Caicos.
A family shot from Washington, D.C.

Claudine and David Hartland of Houston, Texas, have five children, including a newborn; when they coordinate travel, then, it's typically for seven people. That can be extremely complicated, especially internationally, which is why they work with Virtuoso advisor Nanci Cain, also of Houston.

One of the most recent vacations Cain worked on with the family was to Turks and Caicos, where she set them up at The Regent Palms. This was one of the Hartlands' first trips with the baby, and Cain maximized their room choice as a result.

"Nanci located us on the first floor near the pool area," explains Claudine, "so I could go back and forth really easily between the baby napping in the room and the other kids and David at the pool. We also had a washing machine and dryer in the room, which is great when you have five kids."

The Regent Palms is a family-oriented property; as a result, the four older children often made friends at the pool and during hotel activities.

"It was just a perfect trip," says Claudine.

The Hartlands have continued using Cain for other jaunts, both family, adult-centric, and even girlfriend/guy trips for each parent.

"When we started working with an advisor," says Claudine, "I first thought it was going to be more about the cost. After one trip, I realized it was all about the value."

Here's the story that illustrates that for her: Before they used an advisor (and before the baby), the Hartlands went on a family holiday. In the busy run-up to the trip, the dates for the rental car were mixed up. They found themselves away from home without transportation and needing a car for six people. They couldn't get a minivan (their preferred car) anywhere – even as far as 50 miles away. They ended up strapping four kids in the backseat of a small car with "double buckling." The kids were not pleased.

"That kind of stuff can happen all the time when you plan your own travel," says Claudine. "It never happens with an advisor."

"We try to take one or two big trips a year as a family, if we can," she continues. "These are kind of mile-marker trips for us in terms of the kids growing up and experiencing other cultures and ideas. So you want to make sure they're done really well, and that's the value of an advisor."

If you'd be interested in using a Virtuoso advisor – regardless of whether you have five kids or not – click below to start the process.

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