Blake Murry And The Value Of Firsthand Experience

Blake Murry And The Value Of Firsthand Experience

Blake Murry and his wife kayak in Cabo San Lucas.

A Millennial Virtuoso Traveler

Many Virtuoso travelers do tend to be older and more financially-established, but Blake Murry and his wife are in their early 30s and have been on several Virtuoso trips. What appealed to him about the network and travel opportunities?

1. The Firsthand Perspective

Murry and his wife work with advisor Gena Stoll. "We genuinely value our advisor's opinion and her firsthand perspective at many of the resorts she sends us to is invaluable," says Murry. "We’ve traveled with Virtuoso enough that she knows our taste of restaurants, accommodations, etc, and she is able to quickly provide us a handful of relevant recommendation vs us having to spend hours online sifting through various travels sites."

2. Quantifiable Perks

"In addition to the convenience factor there are other more obvious and quantifiable perks to booking through Virtuoso: potential room upgrades, discounted/free transportation to/from the airport, and free breakfast/resort credits," explains Murry. "These perks in conjunction with the overall quality of the Virtuoso properties we’ve visited make booking this way a no-brainer."

3. Great For Emergency Situations

"For our honeymoon, we were fortunate to go to Cabo," says Murry, "but unfortunately we arrived at the tail end of a tropical storm. Our advisor reached out to us to let us know what we should expect for the first 24-48 hours until the storm had time to move out. She was on top of everything."