How To Travel Virtuoso-Style

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Lunch on the Great Wall of China? Why not?

Traveling Virtuoso-Style

Why working with an advisor will forever change the way you see the world.

Elaine Srnka, Editorial Director, Virtuoso.
Have the Sistine Chapel all to yourself.

By Elaine Srnka
Editorial Director, Virtuoso
Your name on a placard at the airport gate, held by a driver ready to whisk you to your destination. A hotel general manager waiting in the lobby to personally welcome you when you arrive. Flowers and Champagne in your ship cabin, lunch on the Great Wall of China, a private after-hours tour of the Sistine Chapel. My colleagues and I refer to it, fondly, as “traveling Virtuoso-style” – the way you see the world when you work with a Virtuoso advisor – and once you experience it, you’re forever ruined for traveling any other way.
Virtuoso is a global network of 11,000 top travel advisors, who work with the best luxury travel partners, from five-star hotels to cruise lines, tour operators, and other companies, to create unforgettable trips for their clients.
I’m in awe of these advisors, who are so worldly and wise and well-connected. They’ve traveled the globe, they know the right contacts in its every corner, and they have a knack for finding the neatest, most in-the-know things to do and places to go. It’s not just fancy and flash; they’ll also help arrange meaningful experiences that connect you with a community, a culture, or with your own family. And while the VIP treatment is fun (as we say, you can’t VIP yourself), these advisors handle un-fun aspects too, whether it’s rebooking flights before you even realize yours have been cancelled or acting as your advocate if something goes wrong.
This magazine taps into these advisors’ expertise and insight and showcases the incredible travel partners they work with. Our editorial team aims to inspire you to travel Virtuoso-style with well-written, beautifully photographed and designed articles – and our annual “How to Travel Better” issue is especially noteworthy. Packed with page after page of tips, tools, and trips, this issue happens to be the biggest in our 16-year history – the perfect forum to celebrate traveling better, every time.
The talented, award-winning editors and designers who create this magazine are also well-traveled and connected, and their creativity, know-how, and commitment culminate in a magazine so exclusive, it’s not even available on the newsstands. The only way you can subscribe is when your Virtuoso travel advisor gifts it to you. Aren’t you lucky?
Originally appeared in the September 2016 issue of Virtuoso Life.