What I Pack: Actress Maggie Grace

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Actress Maggie Grace.

What I Pack

Actress Maggie Grace Reveals Her Travel Essentials.

Petra, Jordan.
Try Maggie's recommendation: the Pocket app.

Known for her roles in Taken, Lost, and Californication, and appearing this fall with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the dark thriller 478, Maggie Grace likes to tack personal travel onto her work trips. “The music doesn’t have to stop when we wrap a film,” says the Venice, California-based 32-year-old. She’s stolen onto a rooftop in Petra to photograph a lightning storm, camped in Chilean Patagonia, and gone internet-free in a remote fishing village on a girls’ trip to Greece. When she travels for fun, “It’s carry-on or bust! I like the spontaneity it allows.”
  1. OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream: organic, vegan, a traveler’s best friend. Fends off pollution anywhere, except maybe Beijing! Also, the Sea Vitamin Boost
Spray – my new lease on life while in the customs line.
  2. The Pocket app has a button that downloads all the articles I’ve been meaning to read. No Wi-Fi, no problem.
  3. The 99% Invisible podcast is about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about, the unnoticed design that shapes our world. 
  4. Lapham’s Quarterly lets you indulge a particular intellectual obsession across his- tory, across disciplines. Each issue contains nugget-sized points of view – ranging from Cicero’s to Joan Didion’s – on one particular subject. There’s even an issue on travel!
  5. Herban Essentials Lavender Towelettes are little packets of civility in decidedly uncivil situations, like train stations at 5 AM.
Originally appeared in the July 2016 issue of Virtuoso Life.
Portrait by Joe Schmelzer