Virtuoso Life July 2017 Virtuoso Life: July/August 2017

Virtuoso Life: July/August 2017

Welcome to the Issue. 
By Elaine Srnka, Vice President, Content, Virtuoso 

This year, I booked my family’s spring break on my own. Having worked in the travel industry for years, I have many of my own contacts and didn’t think I needed to bug my travel advisor friends for a short trip. I booked the hotels, tours, rental car, and our flights. Two weeks before our departure, while talking with some friends about a school event, I asked, “Why would the school plan something during break?” The other moms’ eyes widened. Yep – I had planned our trip for the wrong week. I called a travel advisor in my city, who admonished: “If you had called me in the first place, I could’ve told you the spring break dates for all the schools in our area.” Trust me: Your advisor wants you to “bother” him or her – and it sure would’ve been a lot less headache and hassle for this stressed working mom if I had. Lesson learned.

This issue celebrates the insight and expertise of travel advisors and other industry pros – read on! 

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