Just Back: Australia by Private Jet

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Lizard Island Resort in Queensland.

Trip of a Lifetime

Why this Virtuoso advisor will recommend an epic Australian adventure to clients.

Betty Jo Currie headed to Crystal Springs.
Enjoying oysters on a barge near Makepeace Island.

Atlanta-based advisor Betty Jo Currie, along with Virtuoso advisors Kristen Pike and Kristene Fitzgerald, recently toured the best of Australia on a two-week private jet tour. As Currie says, “It’s a last great frontier with something for everyone and some of the nicest folks in the world.” Currie praised Drew Kluska and The Tailor, a company which works with Virtuoso advisors to craft custom experiences, for their impeccable planning, saying “you really do need someone to tailor – no pun intended – your trip and the places you stay.” 
Why Go 
"This is an iconic journey. From Sydney to Lizard Island, to Daintree and Ayers Rock, from Adelaide and Kangaroo Island to Tasmania – we had an incredible trip. woman smiling near ocean

Betty Jo Currie on Kangaroo Island 

We stayed at the best hotels, including:
Park Hyatt Sydney
Langham Sydney
Makepeace Island
Lizard Island
Longitude 131
Southern Ocean Lodge
Memories To Last a Lifetime
Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, seeing koala bears and kangaroos, Ayers Rock and the amazing rock carvings, the emptiness of The Outback, the wild weather and seals at Kangaroo Island, the Tasmanian devils in Tasmania, and the incredible architecture everywhere. I loved the landscape and empty beaches when you got out into remote areas. Most of all, I loved seeing the little echidnas - apparently they are rarely spotted. They are amazing little creatures.
Best Culinary Memories
The Chef’s Table at Bistro Remy at the Langham in Sydney. Plus, we visited Qualia, and the seafood spread was the most amazing one I have ever seen – every type and version of seafood you can think of piled on trays.
Favorite Hotels
Longitude 131 for its middle-of-nowhere vibe and Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island for the architecture and the way it hugs the coast.
Casual Drink
I loved a casual drink on Bondi Beach and Makepeace Island, which reminded me of river camps along the Mississippi.
To Bring Home
Kangaroo skin pouches for treasures, R.M. Williams boots, and a kangaroo skin hat.  
The Great Outdoors
I highly recommend the Sydney Harbour BridgeClimb, a harbor cruise to see Sydney from the water, and Bondi Beach.  
Practical Tip - Sounds outrageous, but three couples can hire a private plane and do the country well for far less than you would think. If you did this kind of trip with commercial airlines vs. a private jet, you are talking about the difference of thousands, and not tens of thousands, of dollars. There is a tempo to travel and I’d recommend a two-week journey for the best experience." 

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