Ray Pasquin Talks Cruising

Ray Pasquin has been on over 85 cruises...
... thinks Turks and Caicos is a top world beach...
... and missed it when cruising in Alaska.

How To Maximize The Cruise Experience

Ray Pasquin would know. He's been on about seven dozen cruises.


Ray Pasquin is a comedy writer, stand-up comedian, and radio host. Included among his radio shows are The Ray Pasquin Show and Ray's Cruise and Travel Specials. As a result of working on these specials with his producer Paul, Pasquin has been on 85+ cruises in his life, many of them as a Virtuoso client. He currently works with Kathy Wilton, but previously worked with other Virtuoso advisors as well.

Pasquin will often record interviews and shoot infomercials on cruises, often with celebrity guests.

Due to his extensive cruising background and work with a Virtuoso advisor, Pasquin seemed a good person to ask for tips on cruising with Virtuoso.

The Advisor Benefits: "When you go with Virtuoso, and specifically if you go with Voyager Club, you get the private party and the on-board host. Typically your advisor can get you room or suite upgrades, and almost always, they're going to know the ship better than almost anyone. On these cruises, a window is big and a balcony is huge to have. There are a lot of potential perks involved."

Cruising In General: "I love cruising because it's a safe environment, and because there is less of the packing and unpacking that you'll do moving around hotels. Different cruise environments obviously have different vibes; you can river cruise in Europe and see beautiful rocks and outcroppings around you, or you can see sand and pristine blue water. Sometimes the Caribbean gets a bad rap for cruising, but I'll tell you – I did an Alaska cruise and all I wanted was to be back in the Caribbean. In the world of cruising, I don't think you'll find a better beach to disembark on than Turks and Caicos. That said, I also love the New England-based river cruises, and even some of the ones around Quebec City."

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