4 Saint Lucia Hot Spots

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Fire Grill SteakHouse & Lounge Bar serves up "Eurobbean" dishes.

Must-Visit Hot Spots

Get a taste of Saint Lucia's best restaurants.

Sugar Beach's Jacques Chretien adds a Gallic accent to local flavors.
Find traditional Saint Lucian dishes at Dasheene.

By Anita Carmin

  1. Fire Grill SteakHouse & Lounge Bar
    Known for his “Eurobbean” dishes, Swedish chef Bobo Bergström serves up legendary steaks and seafood.
  2. Dasheene (at Ladera)Traditional Saint Lucian dishes such as sweet potato and coconut soup are sustainably reimagined with executive chef Orlando Satchell at the helm.
  3. Jade Mountain
    Jonathan Dearden’s fresh Caribbean fusion cuisine showcases organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs from this restaurant’s nearby farm.
  4. Sugar Beach
    A Maîtres Cuisinier de France (French Master Chef), Jacques Chretien adds his Gallic accent to local flavors while leading this spot’s culinary team.
Discover more about Saint Lucia's new food scene, plus where to stay and sail.

Originally appeared in Virtuoso Traveler magazine, October 2014.

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Jade Mountain offers Caribbean fusion cuisine.