2014 Member Photo Contest Winners

Capturing the Moment

From Botswana to Venice, our travel advisors delivered images from around the globe.

Honorable Mention: “Balloon Glow” by Kevin Dern (Saint Louis, Missouri)
Honorable Mention: “Sunset in Dubrovnik” by Vanessa Sawtell-Jones (Croatia)

Taking a cue from this year’s winners, here are 10 tips for snapping prize-worthy pictures on your next trip (see more on Virtuoso's Luxury Traveler blog, too):

  1. Lend portraits authenticity by shooting your subjects unposed. (Faces of India)
  2. Create a more striking image by using a natural frame to isolate the subject. (Polar Bear on Ice Floe)
  3. Create a pattern by filling the frame with repetitive shapes. (Shoes)
  4. Make the most out of your photo by filling the frame. (Balloon Glow)
  5. Place the subject off-center to draw the viewer in naturally. (Sunset in Dubrovnik)
  6. Shoot at sunrise or sunset for perfect golden hues. (The Ultimate Sundowner)
  7. Leading lines draw the eye to the subject. (Bridge over the River Irrawaddy)
  8. Vibrant, saturated colors give imagery a stronger impact. (Villas of Lake Como)
  9. Convey drama with the simplicity of a silhouette. (Marlboro Country)
  10. Vibrant, saturated colors give imagery a stronger impact. (Pygmy Seahorses)

Originally appeared in Virtuoso Life magazine, September 2014.

Honorable Mention: “Faces of India” by Arturo C. Guevara (Jaipur, India)