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My Background

I grew up in Cologne Germany and emigrated to the United States and California in 1979. My husband and I both love to travel and just recently reached our goal of traveling to all 7 continents.

I design voyages and other travels to fit the needs of my clients. I work with luxury hotels, the best cruise lines, upscale tour companies and knowledgeable in-country contacts to prepare memorable journeys and ensure worry free travel experiences.  Here, just like with garments, one size does not fit all.

For the last five years I have the honor of working with Cadence Travel and network with all my wonderful colleagues there. Exploring the world and connecting with people has always fascinated me. I will never finish learning about destinations, places to stay, places to visit and designing the journeys to get there.

I would love to design your next vacation and look forward to working with you!

MY SPECIALTIES ALSO INCLUDE: River cruising with an emphasis in AMA Waterways & Viking River Cruises.

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Highly recommended!

By: Debi

Reviewed on: 22 Apr 2014

I have been a client of Melita Hein for a number of years now. I was originally referred to her by some friends who are world travelers. There is nobody I trust more than Melita when it comes to planning a trip for me & I have NEVER been disappointed!!! I just returned from a trip to London & a river cruise thru The Netherlands & Belgium. It was amazing! She is very organized & her main interest is that you have a very comfortable, enjoyable & memorable trip. She gives great attention to detail & designs a trip tailored to you! I cannot say enough good things about Melita! She will continue to be my travel agent for future trips!!!! I highly recommend her!!!

Top Recmmendation possible.

By: Not provided

Reviewed on: 29 Apr 2014

Melita,as usual,provided us with outstanding service.

Terrific Panama Canal plus family/friends visits

By: Dick

Reviewed on: 05 May 2014

Smooth as silk, Melita covered all our needs including handicap requirements and personal preferences.  She has been our travel agent for over 30 years and we are not about to change!

Very highly recommend

By: Germania

Reviewed on: 10 May 2014

Melita is very friendly, personable, efficient, and reliable.  You can count on your trip being fun and exciting, relaxing and enjoyable.  Whatever Melita had booked for you will run smoothly and satisfactorily.  Melita is always available when you need her expertise.  She has been in the travel business for a long time, and you can rely on her to get things done right the first time.  Happy travels.  Melita always takes good care of her clients and enjoys the trust of many repeat customers who have had safe, memorable trips all over the world with Melita's attention to detail and insightful suggestions for booking just the right kinds of trips/tours for the right kind of people. 

Highly recommend

By: Andrea

Reviewed on: 07 Jun 2014

Melita has planned/booked several domestic flights and an international trip for me over the last six years and they have all been wonderful. Her knowledge and experience keep me coming back. She keeps current, is responsive, a pleasure to work with, and I trust her judgement.

Taipei redux

By: Jim

Reviewed on: 24 Jun 2014

Flew from San Diego to San Francisco then to Taipei, Taiwan for a reunion with old friends.  Outstanding trip except for having to pay $7.00 for a beer on the United flight.Short layover times between flights.Highly recommend Melita who we've used before when taking cruises.

Highly Recommend

By: Not provided

Reviewed on: 07 Jul 2014

Meltia is extremely efficient and on top of things.  I never feel I have to worry that she will not follow up.  She not only follows up on my requests, but also provides alternatives to assure I have the maximum choices and also provides options that are more cost effective.  I will continue to use her and recommend her to my friends.

Excellent in every way

By: GeoC

Reviewed on: 07 Jul 2014

Her suggestions were very helpful. Excellent planning and follow-up. 

Commitment towards her job.

By: Margret128

Reviewed on: 16 Aug 2014

Melita did her job in a business-like manner and went beyond what was expected of her. She went the extra mile on our behalf., when it was needed. We can only recommend her services.

Expert Planning

By: Kelly Mike

Reviewed on: 17 Aug 2014

Melita planned an amazing honeymoon for my husband and I. She gave us great options to choose from in the areas of lodging, activities, and restaurants. She is incredibly quick to respond to any questions sent her way. I highly recommend Melita as a wonderful travel agent.

very helpful and friendly

By: ritchen

Reviewed on: 03 Jan 2015

We can always count on Melita to make our trips interesting and without problems. She has bin doing this for us for maybe twenty years and I hope she will continue to do so .

Awesome travel advisor!

By: Debi 53

Reviewed on: 19 Jun 2015

Melita does an amazing job. She has planned a number of trips for me over the years. She is well travelled herself and understands the view point of the traveler coupled with her personal experience and her professional knowledge. I have traveled to Australia, Austria, Switzerland, London, the Tulip Time River Cruise through the Netherlands plus other short trips here in the states. The things she had suggested and the excursions she planned added so much to the trip. She thought of things I never would have. I would not think of planning a trip without her expertise. She takes treats you like she would want to be treated. She takes the time to get to know you and then plans the perfect trip to your desired destination. I highly recommend her.

Excellent efficient agent!

By: Marshmellow

Reviewed on: 19 Jun 2015

Melita is always helpful and knows how to make our trip successful and fun. She answers all our questions right up to the time we leave, so we are never left wondering what to do or when. She helps prepare us, so that when we do leave, we are off on our adventure with no concerns. She has everything planned and laid out for us. She has good suggestions for making our trip memorable. She has helped us extend our trip with other activities or excursions that made it all the more special. I really appreciate her expert help in creating our travel experiences.

Helpful, professional,friendly, knowledgeable service

By: karin

Reviewed on: 12 Jul 2015

Melita was extremely helpful in handling all our cruise, flights, and Germany trip. I can highly recommend Melita's sevices.

Very thoughtful and thorough

By: ikorn

Reviewed on: 28 Jul 2015

I am thankful to have Melita "on my team" helping me and advising me on my travel needs. I can count on her.

Very helpful, excellent service

By: Jackie

Reviewed on: 20 Sep 2015

We really appreciate Melita's expert service. Thank you!

Perfect Travel Advisor

By: Hans

Reviewed on: 05 Oct 2015

Our flight to Europe and car rental was very well planned and everything went smoothly. We used Melita's services for a long time and will continue to do so.

Super helpful

By: Iggy

Reviewed on: 11 Oct 2015

I've sent a lot of business Melita's way over the past year and it seems now as if she were part of my office - indispensable. I can call her anytime and by the next day she will have it or something better arranged for me.

An experienced and helpful travel advisor

By: JRandTK

Reviewed on: 30 Oct 2015

Melita was very helpful to us as we planned our first European river cruise. We had a hundred questions and she always had the time to answer. Moreover, she thought of things to tell us that we should have asked but didn't. Without a doubt, our vacation turned out better thanks to Melita's experience and guidance. We had such a wonderful time that we put a deposit down on another cruise and we will look forward to working with her again to plan that trip. We would (and already have actually) recommend that anyone planning a trip choose to work with Melita.

Outstanding planner and expediter

By: Frank

Reviewed on: 22 Oct 2015

I have utilized Melita for a number of trips over many years. She has always provided excellent ideas and helped make our trips more enjoyable. Keeps track of trips in progress and intercedes to resolve issues as they arise. Without a doubt, the best agent I have ever had.

Very helpfull service and always there for you.

By: Monte

Reviewed on: 20 Oct 2015

Melita gave us an excellent review of our trip and lots of help with the shore trips available. We really enjoyed this cruise. Thanks Melita, Cadence, and Oceania.

Outstanding and Competent


Reviewed on: 20 Nov 2015

Melita has been my travel gal for the past 10 years. I used to plan my own trips until a good friend referred me to her. She is a great professional and has been able to plan complex trips for me. She makes sure that the hotel rooms have the best locations, the transfers are on time and the sightseeing is organized without any issues. This last trip to Europe was just one of many excellent vacations. I have referred her to all my friends and family and look forward to planning many more trips with her in the future.

Expert travel arrangements - no issues

By: Barbie Doll

Reviewed on: 02 Dec 2015

Melita has been part of my travel life for many years. Her talent is valuable and she is very accommodating from all aspects. I will not go out of town for a vacation unless she plans it. You are wise to have her on the Cadence team?

Expert, friendy service

By: Sue

Reviewed on: 02 Jun 2016

We were very pleased with everything Melita did for us. She answered all our questions and returned calls promptly if she wasn't immediately available. Everything in the info package she sent made our trip easier and more enjoyable. We will definitely ask her to plan our next trip.

Better than imagined!

By: cdb6465

Reviewed on: 21 Jun 2016

Melita helped us plan our honeymoon, and every single thing was absolutely perfect. We wish we could do it all again. When we first decided to go to Greece, we wavered a bit on whether or not to use a travel agent. We had never used one before, and we weren't quite sure what a travel agent would add to the experience that we couldn't do ourselves. In all honesty, we opted to go with an agent out of convenience - we both were super busy at work and didn't have much time to put into planning our honeymoon, so thought it would be easier to have someone do it for us. But the trip we ended up with was so much more than we ever dreamed of - so much better than we would have been able to plan ourselves - and we can't thank Melita enough for that. Everything was amazing. The hotels were comfortable, well-located, and upscale. Transportation was smooth, and we even were upgraded in 2 of the 4 hotels we stayed in. Great trip! Would definitely work with Melita again.

Expert Advisor

By: Hans

Reviewed on: 01 Jul 2016

Melita did an excellent job with our travel arrangements. She also gave us a very useful and comprehensive documentation for our Scandinavia trip.

Trip was like being in a post card

By: JJ

Reviewed on: 18 Sep 2016

Melita recommended a wonderful hotel in Grindelwald, Switzerland. Perfect location for a base of hiking and sightseeing, and the hotel was extremely accommodating to our needs. The trip went smoothly and we appreciate all the helpful service.

Expert Efficient and friendly service!

By: Andrea

Reviewed on: 16 Oct 2016

Lovely trip. Pleasant courteous and efficient service the whole trip without a single glitch. Thank you Melita!
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Likeable, responsive, and expert

By: Mags

Reviewed on: 16 Oct 2016

Melita did a great job of arranging our airline travel. Her choice of hotels was mixed--a couple of really good ones, a couple of medium ones, and one bad one (4 times the cost of the other hotels in town and located at the edge of town).
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It was great

By: Dora

Reviewed on: 24 Oct 2016

Thank you, Melita, everything went well, what you had planned. The delayed departures were not your fault! Dora

Always helpful!

By: Jeanne

Reviewed on: 07 Nov 2016

Melita helped us from the beginning when we were just thinking of gong on a river cruise. All of her suggestions were good; each hotel was first-rate and the recommended cruise line was perfect.
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Always a good service, with many repeat visits...

By: Nan

Reviewed on: 25 Nov 2016

Since I haven't been anywhere recently, except around the complex a bit, I am unable to give any worthwhile comments or information!!!! But sure wish I could!!!!....Take a trip, I mean, as well as comment!!!!....But all the trips in the past have been good, with helpful and excellent service by Melita!!!!

Expert friendly service

By: J&D

Reviewed on: 09 Jan 2017

Though only our plane reservations were made this time, we received the same expert friendly service!

Thank you, Melita.

By: J & K

Reviewed on: 29 Jan 2017

We continue to ask Melita for her help in planning trips, as she has made our international travel experiences wonderfully memorable by fulfilling our wishes and including extras we hadn't thought of.
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By: Dave

Reviewed on: 16 Feb 2017

Very easy to work with - very informative and cooperative and efficient - covers all aspects of trip - remains in contact and understands our needs and requirements due to my disability. Does the work for you with no hassle. Thanks

New Zealand trip arrangements

By: Peg

Reviewed on: 12 Apr 2017

Putting the flight arrangements in Melita's hands was a great decision! She did them flawlessly and with dispatch.

Helped with special needs.

By: hollybaby

Reviewed on: 05 May 2017

We are older with walking problems and the yen to travel Melita has helped us twice ( st Petersburg Russia and Bejing ) to find an excellent English speaking guide and activities to fill our time there. Both trips were excellent.


By: Linda

Reviewed on: 23 May 2017

Very pleasant -I would do it again

Fleetridge Travel - Melita Hein (agent)

By: Debi

Reviewed on: 06 Jun 2017

For many years now I have exclusively used Melita as my travel advisor. She is amazing! Often all I give her are a few ideas of what I'd like to do/where I'd like to go & my travel budget & she never fails to put together the perfect trip! She even thinks of things I'd never think of! Other times she will share some ideas for trips or trips that she finds that might interest me. I HIGHLY recommend Melita for anyone's travel needs! She has never disappointed me yet!!! I just got back from a wonderful trip to the Big Island of Hawaii! She really knows the travel business & she loves what she does! She also has your best interest at heart in all she does/plans!!!

Trip to St Maartin

By: Renee

Reviewed on: 05 Jun 2017

Very happy with Melite Hein.. Looking forward to using her again Best travel agent I have had in the many years of traveling

UK and Ireland

By: Harry

Reviewed on: 11 Jun 2017

Trip went well in spite of British Airways IT debacle. Thank heavens Aer Lingus ran smoothly and everything went as planned. BA could learn something about communication from Southwest Airlines. SWA texts or phones when there is a problem. BA is silent, stiff upper lip and never apologises to the passenger.


By: Bob

Reviewed on: 24 Jul 2017

No problem. We have a great relationship. She has always been extremely helpful in our travel planning.

Melita Always Helpful and Efficient

By: kkmiausa

Reviewed on: 25 Aug 2017

Melita is a joy to work with. I first met her when my travel agent was away and we needed airline assistance. Since that time forward she has gone above and beyond to help us in any way possible. I highly recommend Melita and her other associates, Karen Farr and Don Birkebile.

Baltic Cruise

By: Ted

Reviewed on: 19 Aug 2017

Seamless and professional. She has now arranged two trips for us, both excellent. She gives practical, efficient advice, follows through, thinks of everything, and has the personal experience to know what the trip is really like.

Trip to Germany

By: Dave

Reviewed on: 15 Oct 2017

It was fine - we have used her for years - this time we were disappointed to find that the insurance that was sold to us was not accepted by the German Hospital when I was admitted for a week/ We had to pay with our credit card and they charged a 5% fee as the hospital also was not accustomed to processing credit cards. The insurance company is questioning the 5% fee. This bill was assessed on our credit card so I have forwarded a copy of the credit card statement to show we paid it. BUT this is a great hassle as well as an inconvenience to us after paying so much for coverage for our trip. This was and is really an inconvenience as we returned from vacation on 24 August and have had to deal with an insurance company and still have not been reimbursed for our medical emergency.

Travel to Europe

By: Tom

Reviewed on: 08 Sep 2017

Excellent . She is extremely well versed in all aspects of travel and very efficient and professional. She saves us money while sparing us the hassles of making our own travel arrangements.

Fabulous trip!

By: Phil

Reviewed on: 03 Oct 2017

Melita was an absolutely fabulous travel adviser. She took the time to plan the most flawless trip my brother, his wife and I took . Airline reservations were taken care of, hotel in Europe was great, and at the end of the trip the van driver in Southampton was a jewel. This brings me to the cruise in between all of this. It was grand. She got us an upgrade in cabins, which was a miracle in itself and from the time we scheduled the trip until the day we left, she kept in touch to make sure all went according to plan. Thank you, Melita! I will certainly consider Melita for the next journey. The review title speaks for itself.

My travel agent is the best.

By: viola j

Reviewed on: 28 Sep 2017

I have been working with Melita for years and she has always provided the best advice and service.

Melita knows her stuff!

By: Julie and Tom

Reviewed on: 23 Sep 2017

This is our second trip booked by Melita and once again, she did a great job for us. We booked an Ama Waterways river cruise. One of the biggest benefits of working with Melita is that she has personally traveled on multiple cruiselines, and along these rivers, and she can offer first-hand information to help choose a cruise, cruise line, and then to plan one. Additionally, Melita worked tirelessly to resolve a last-minute air travel issue that was caused by Ama. She had no part in the issue but she used her contacts to help us and if it hadn't been for her intervention we wouldn't have had it resolved. This is one example of why it is so beneficial to work with someone like Melita who takes her clients' trips personally and sincerely wants them to go well, and who has strong contacts that she can deploy when needed. We will always choose to work with Melita and we strongly recommend her to others.

Southern France

By: Elizabeth

Reviewed on: 03 Oct 2017

Wonderful in every way!!

Ireland was amazing

By: Veronica

Reviewed on: 04 Oct 2017

A client of mine commended Melita to me as I was planning a trip to Ireland. The trip was absolutely amazing. I would say the best part about having Melita was that after she book us reasonably round trip tickets to Dublin the flight out of New York was changed so we would of had a 7+ hour layover, instead of 3 hours. Without me asking (because I kept forgetting) Melita informed me that she changed our tickets to fly out of Atlanta with a 2 hour layover. I was extremely grateful. Thanks Melita

Trip to U.K. Scotland and Ireland

By: Renee

Reviewed on: 27 Oct 2017

Perfect !! Great travel agent we can't wait to use Melita again

Melita's the Best!

By: Andrea

Reviewed on: 06 Nov 2017

When Melita books my trips, she provides excellent advice, efficient and responsive service. My travel and connections are reliably excellent, and I appreciate her service!

Expectations exceeded at every step

By: Mateo

Reviewed on: 05 Nov 2017

Melita booked a couple of hotels and a river cruise the first hotel in Budapest gave us a double upgrade the second hotel in Prague gave us a huge suite So not only did we get the possible upgrade we got more than that. The river cruise company was Uniworld and it was better than we thought it would be. Melita has earned a new loyal traveller. Pleasant to deal with and responsive even after work hours. She has persuaded me a travel agent can truly add value.


By: Frank

Reviewed on: 12 Nov 2017

This 3 week trip encompassed Auckland, all of Tasmania and through Melbourne to Sydney. Melita worked out all the tours, made arrangements for transportation, hotels and necessary connections, all of which blended together to make this a very special trip. Could not have accomplished this without her. One of the airlines dropped the ball so I contacted Melita and she resolved the issue immediately. ON our final day and night in Sydney, Melita made special arrangements for us resulting in the Four Seasons providing extra special care to make our stay memorable. The little extras make all the difference. Melita kept in touch throughout our trip to be sure we had what we wanted at the proper time and place and alerted us to events we should anticipate. We could ask nothing more of her. I recommend Melita Hein to all travelers who desire the best.

Rhone River cruise

By: Vic

Reviewed on: 19 Nov 2017

Great, timely, and very pleasant communications! Made sure I considered all the tasks necessary for a successful trip and sent periodic reminders. Really appreciated her thoughtfulness!

Portrait of India

By: Hans

Reviewed on: 20 Mar 2018

Melita has first hand experience of India having traveled there herself and we appreciated her planing and advice very much.

Washington DC

By: Jeanie

Reviewed on: 04 Apr 2018

Excellent & helpful


By: Shicks

Reviewed on: 11 Apr 2018

Excellent. She has put together some great trips. The last airline trip she booked for us to the East Coast went flawlessly. 3 flights there and three flights back all went perfect on American.

Great trips start with a great travel advisor

By: Lynn D

Reviewed on: 05 May 2018

Melita was super helpful every step along the way. She understood what we wanted, and gave us several options that suited our personalities, and worked within our budget. We will use her again next time we travel, and we highly recommend her!

Mediterranean cruise

By: Phil

Reviewed on: 13 May 2018

Pleasant and efficient as always

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