Jennifer Booth

Jennifer Booth

Alabama World Travel, Inc. (1911)
Montgomery, AL United States

ENRICHMENT ~ With every person I meet, my heart is to enrich their lives. When it comes to travel, I want so much more than a "bucket list" for you. I want you to come away with lifelong memories you'll re-breathe, re-see, re-hear, and re-feel for years to come - and that begins with our first consultation!

Our journeys are as unique as we are! We don't always want the same thing out of each trip. Usually, for a culturally rich destination, experiencing the authenticity of those cultures, engaging with new peoples, traveling new paths within that destination's modes of transportation, and taking in experiences that touch all your senses make for a truly enriching journey! Next on my list? Alaska by land and sea, because you only experience 2% of Alaska by cruise. Also on my list are Israel, a Mediterranean cruise, a Danube river cruise, England, Ireland and a return to Paris. The order will be strategically chosen.

We were created to live an abundant life, and the best treasures are often "unGoogleable." Are you ready to experience journeys designed to enrich your life and create lifelong memories?

Contact me today, and let's start planning a journey as unique as you!

Desiring God's very best for you! ~ Jennifer

Destination Specialties

  • United States - All
  • Mexico
  • France


  • Culture, History & Arts
  • Family Travel
  • Ocean Cruising
  • River Cruising
  • Spa Vacations


  • English