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My Background

   As a young child, I  loved to travel.  As a family, we did most of our travel by car and camping, but saw so much of the United States and our beloved National Parks.  My love for nature, wildlife, mountains and oceans gave me inspiration to continue exploring various parts of the country.

   in 1978, I graduated from American Travel School and started my travel agent career.  My travel expanded  as well, from just the US, to Caribbean, Mexico, Europe and Africa.  I have experienced wonderful luxury hotels and cruises and learned that a resort hotel can be a destination in itself.

  I love to plan trips for people using the years of knowledge I have.   It can be a simple weekend trip or a 1 month exploration.  As a travel agent, it is our job to listen to what a client is looking for in their travel experience. We do not all travel the same.

  There is nothing like making that call when a client returns from their trip and  they tell you that you have made their experience as special as it could be.


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highly recommended

By: Not provided

Reviewed on: 26 Jun 2014

Well planned and professionally done

Outstanding as always

By: Scott46

Reviewed on: 03 Apr 2015

Our trip to New Zealand and Australia was absolutely outstanding. As usual all of the arrangements were flawless. We had a great time. Kangaroo Island is a wonderfully quaint place. Our guides were amazing and it was the only place we saw wildlife in abundance. Ayers Rock was interesting, the Sounds of Silence dinner was excellent. The sky that night was breathtaking. Cairn and the Great Barrier Reef were a lot of fun. Staying at Palm Cove was special. Sydney was beautiful, but is a big city and, while interesting, did not enough have things we are interested in to warrant more than the two days we were there. New Zealand is unique. End to end it is beautiful and amazingly varied. The people, businesses and facilities feel like the US from fifty years ago. Much more laid back and slower paced, no graffittii, everything well maintained and nice, even the public toilets. Everything we did in New Zealand, including driving some 1200 miles was enjoyable.
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A Beautifully planned Experience

By: Just John

Reviewed on: 26 Mar 2015

We have just returned from a 5 week trip to Australia and New Zealand, that included 12 air flights, 3 ship voyages and 2 rental cars. Every thing went exactly as planned. All of our drivers and guides were on time, polite and ready to serve us. Every hotel room was ready when we arrived and we never had a bad view. In fact most of the views were fantastic. We saw and experienced every single thing we wanted to and never had to worry about the arrangements. I can't say enough about how well everything was organized and how it enhanced a great, great trip.

Very Helpful Advisor

By: gmad

Reviewed on: 05 Aug 2015

Joanne is always very helpful....We travel with a large family group every year and Joanne takes great care of us. My husband and I also take a winter vacation and she is very helpful helping to decide where to go. I once picked a resort myself that turned out to be absolutely horrible and she was able to get us moved and saved our vacation.
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Great Hosts

By: Joe

Reviewed on: 31 Dec 2015

After 20 hours from Detroit to Cape Town and 26 hours back to Detroit from Rio, plus three nights in a hotel in Cape Town, the trip was probably too long. (My choice, of course.) It also suffered from a cancellation of the St. Helena stop (which was the major attraction for me) because of a passenger medical emergency. That gave us an extra night in Rio, but I was disappointed in the city (except for the view coming into the harbor). I've been to many Latin American cities (e.g., Bogota, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Quito), and in comparison, Rio is a mess. But the Virtuoso excursion was excellent, and the hosts (Becky and Mike) were the best I've yet encountered. They were friendly and outgoing. We had many conversations and shared a table at dinner.
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Always on top of the Situation

By: Just John

Reviewed on: 24 May 2016

Our recent river cruise in Portugal was hampered by heavy rains and flooding. It was so bad that we unable to go very far as most of the river had been closed by the authorities for our safety. We did see most of the scheduled places by bus, but not cruising up the Douru was disappointing. Joanne was aware of what was happening from the beginning, kept track of what was happening all week long and secured us a voucher for 50% of the cost of the cruise, before we even got home. So we basically got everything we planned on at half price! Great Job, Joanne!

Great service

By: Paul

Reviewed on: 31 Jul 2016

Attentive and responsive.
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Thank you for helping us plan an awesome vacation..Joanne!

By: Cfbush

Reviewed on: 03 Aug 2016

Joann plan an awesome vacation for myself and 17 other people to Las Vegas! She thought of everything that we needed along the way and had constant communication with us. I will only use Joann and Gateway Travel for the rest of our vacation needs from now on! Thanks again Joann.
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Very Helpful

By: Gmad

Reviewed on: 06 Oct 2016

Always deal with Joanne when taking a trip. She is the best and I know I can relax knowing she has taken care of details.
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SE Asia review

By: jf

Reviewed on: 24 Mar 2017

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Worked hard to put together a great trip. Listened to my input & took into account what we wanted to see & do
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Best Travel Agent Ever

By: Just John

Reviewed on: 07 Jun 2017

All you need to do is express to Joanne what you might like to do and see and she helps you understand exactly what you do want to do and see and then arranges it. And when Joanne arranges it, it happens. Everything occurs as planned and on schedule. You have no worries with Joanne. You just relax and enjoy what's happening.
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review for northern europe

By: andy

Reviewed on: 10 Jul 2017

Joanne, as always, was great to work with. She has answers to all our questions and if there's something that she is not familiar with, she will get the answers quickly.

Great Advisor

By: Gmad

Reviewed on: 04 Aug 2017

Joanne is always a pleasure to work with.

Hawaii trip

By: Brad

Reviewed on: 14 Aug 2017

Joanne as usual planned the perfect trip. I've used her for probably 20 trips. She always knows exactly what to plan for me. She's awesome!!
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Never made it

By: Joe

Reviewed on: 30 Aug 2017

Great in every way. We had to cancel due to illness, but Joanne managed everything and we have a new cruise booked for next year.
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Leave the Planning to Joanne

By: Al Ritchey

Reviewed on: 09 Sep 2017

Our river cruise in Portugal was our 3rd vacation trip Joanne Meyer organized and arranged for us (the other two were to the Galapagos Islands and a river cruise on the Danube) . She made sure we got what we wanted, paying attention to all the details and made sure we understood what we had to do. She leaves nothing to chance. Joanne is a very pleasant person and nice to work with. She has a wealth of experience as a travel advisor and has travelled extensively herself.

Harmony Cruise

By: Brad

Reviewed on: 05 Jan 2018

Another amazing trip planned by Joanne for my family.
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Peru December 2017

By: Roger

Reviewed on: 12 Jan 2018

Excellent as always
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Palm beach

By: Dale kohler

Reviewed on: 21 Feb 2018

I have worked with Joanne for over 10 years and her attention and service is second to none. She is always responsive and provides sound advice and direction all the time. She is a 5 Star performer
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Great travel advisor!

By: Gmad

Reviewed on: 05 Mar 2018

Joanne is always a pleasure to work with! She has been our advisor for many years and hope to work with her for many more.
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