Kenneth Sause

Kenneth Sause

An independent affiliate of Largay Travel
Waterbury, CT United States

Ken Sause has been in the travel industry for 59 years, starting as a tour guide at the New York World's Fair, working for great CT-based agencies over the decades and still continues to lead international and domestic groups with great passion. Self-styled in the "old school" of travel service, he loves to listen to client's wishes and interpret them into a adventure of great memory. He has done three generations of the same families in his loyal following! His fave places are Paris (and the rest of France), the American Southwest, Dubai, all of amazing Italy, and of course, Ireland.Ken is a recognized CTIE and CTC travel designated agent, and has served on many travel advisory boards including ASTA (the American Society of Travel Agents), and the Disney Travel Agent Advisory Group. He leads group tours for corporate and charity clients to New York, Boston and all over New England as well.Looking for personable is your guy with a deep flair for what is exciting .

Destination Specialties

  • France
  • Austria
  • Ireland
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Czech Republic
  • Australia
  • Peru
  • Morocco
  • Sri Lanka
  • Poland
  • Uzbekistan
  • Egypt
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Netherlands


  • Adventure
  • Food & Wine
  • Culture, History & Arts
  • Independent Tours
  • River Cruising


  • English


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