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My Background

There is a passion that lives in everyone – the desire to do something that they truly love.  For me, that passion is travel.

Being part of a prestigious yet select group of advisors who has visited over 100 countries, showcases my commitment to clients and my indepth skills - that simply enhances my client’s travel time after time.

With my Master’s in health administration, I started my travel business by organizing medical tours to China. I feel there are 2 ways to travel: simply seeing or by “experiencing”. With having traveled as I have I offer recommendations to fit your needs as well as gift ideas for you to bring home as a memory.

Recently I planned a honeymoon to Thailand and The Maldives. I enjoy providing "WOW" moments. For this I arranged a boat and elephant ride into the resort. It completely surprised the couple.

I personally design trips that you can experience fond memories and real moments in your life.

Offering YOU Exceptional Experiences with ExtraOrdinary Value.

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Highly recommended

By: Rickipll

Reviewed on: 22 Jan 2014

My time is my most valuable asset and dealing with the airlines is a nightmare and a tremendous time waster. Steve eliminates my need to do the work myself. On the few occasions I've still tried to do my own research for my travel, Steve has been able to deliver better results at either the same or lower fares. Booking travel with him is a pleasure.
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Awesome Costa Rica Trip

By: Mr Apple

Reviewed on: 28 Jan 2014

I have exclusively used Steve for all my personal and business travel for 20 years .As a business owner I can always 100% of the time know and count on that Steve will take care of every aspect of a trip. He consistently thinks of issues and details that would never enter our minds and as a result each travel experience is flawless. We highly recommend Steve to both clients and friends and they are equally pleased with every aspect of his product recommendations and his personal service.
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My travel advisor: excellent and dependable

By: Stan

Reviewed on: 11 Feb 2014

I have depended on Steve to arrange my and my firm's travel requirements for a number of years and I am very satisfied. He works fast and does come thru with results. Just last week, my wife and I were on a plane at the gate when our flight was cancelled due to the bad weather ahead meaning we would not get out that day.  I called Steve and he was able to help with a new flight and back into the hotel within a very short time. 
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Highly Recommended

By: Gerry

Reviewed on: 17 May 2014

Steve Kuriga and his extensive knowledge of all things travel inspires total confidence.  We came to know him through a friend who could not say enough about him - all good, of course!! - and the travel he has arranged for us has gone amazingly well.  Although we live in northern California and his office is in southern California, we are always able to reach him, office hours or not.  We would not think of using anyone else.  Thank you.  e

The best

By: David de

Reviewed on: 23 Jul 2014

as usual, no one better at getting it done with pro attitude and accomplishment
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True Professional

By: leeziff

Reviewed on: 30 Aug 2014

Steve is a true professional. Extremely accessible and very easy to deal with. I needed to make several last minute changes and he was very helpful and efficient. I have used him for many years and things have always gone smoothly.
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Baja Expeditions San Ignacio Lagoon

By: Sharm

Reviewed on: 23 Feb 2015

Fabulous trip. Run efficiently & professionally from beginning to end. The flight was smooth, arrived on time & we were met upon arrival. The group leader were marine biologists and experienced whale watchers. The accommodations were clean and comfortable, including the bathrooms and hot showers. The food was delicious. Food preferences as vegan/gluten free were respectfully accommodated with delicious options. The days were full with whale watching, kayaking and relaxing. We saw lots and lots of whales & calves, dolphins & sea lions. This trip met all expectations.
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Family Vacation

By: Happy lola

Reviewed on: 22 Jul 2015

Our trip went really well. The flight schedule was perfect with no problems and interruptions at all. Everybody was so happy and came home with a lot of family memories. We are looking forward for another vacation like this in the near future and definitely you will be in our mind to arrange our trip. Nice doing business with you and thanks again for a trip well planned.
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great service

By: Lily

Reviewed on: 06 Aug 2015

It was great thanks to you. The hotel was so beautiful and you are a wonderful travel agent!!!!!!
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By: Gerry

Reviewed on: 09 Oct 2015

We have used Steve Kuriga's services on many occasions and will continue to do because we find him to be extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. We have the utmost confidence in him.
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Absolutely the greatest!!

By: Virginia

Reviewed on: 21 Oct 2015

The trip was absolutely planned to perfection! We had a wonderful time. Accommodations were wonderful. Steve's attention to detail was superb!!
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Great service

By: Plopez

Reviewed on: 21 Oct 2015

Steve was awesome! last minute vacation and he put it all together making my life easy! Highly recommended! Thank steve you are awesome!
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Every trip planned wit Steve is always the best

By: David81

Reviewed on: 20 Oct 2015

As always steve helped co- ordinate a great trip....planning and responding to unexpected air plane cancellations etc...he as usual is the best travel consultant we've ever used!
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Knowledgable Expert

By: M

Reviewed on: 20 Oct 2015

As usual, Steve did an excellent job!
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Great trip

By: Dane80

Reviewed on: 06 Dec 2015

Steve helped us plan a trip to Oahu. It was a short trip and not a lot of planning was required. We knew the hotel we wanted to stay in. Steve through his connections got us a great room. He also helped us find a table even though because of thanksgiving the restaurant was sold out. Well connected agent.
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great trip

By: Yancy

Reviewed on: 29 Apr 2016

Steve, The trip went smoothly and wonderfully. Thank you so much. John
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I went to London to see the Queen!

By: Philly

Reviewed on: 04 Aug 2016

Been to London many times but not like this. Great guides, great tours, fabulous hotel centrally located. Best trip to London ever. I will always want to stay at the Corinthia Hotel in the future. It was in the theatre district, near shopping and restaurants, and, I might add, the London Eye with all its nightlife. I went with my eldest son and eldest grandson 13, and my grandson didn't want to leave. Now that's the marking of a great trip.

European tour

By: Boston 57

Reviewed on: 05 Sep 2016

A marvelous family trip to Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna and Venice. Steve was very accommodating and always eager to find us the best match for quality and price. When there was a change of plans mid vacation Steve was right there to ensure that the trip continued seamlessly. Some of the hotels were pleasant surprises such as the Waldorfs in Amsterdam and Berlin. Others were gracious as expected such as the Gritti Palace. The dedication and level of detail in making this happen was greatly appreciated.
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Awesome detail planner!

By: RBjones

Reviewed on: 09 Sep 2016

Loved the knowledge and insight in helping plan our trip to Europe. His c Recommendations for hotels and options was extremely helpful. Would not plan another trip without him!
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Fabulous Recommendations


Reviewed on: 05 Oct 2016

We visited South Africa for one week. We entered via Johannesburg and visited the Apartheid Museum and Soweto. We were able to understand the history of the region and it's turmoil. Then we left from Pretoria via ROVOS Rail to Cape Town. This train travel was the most luxurious experience, great service, wonderful staff, fabulous meals, all inclusive price included everything, including alcohol and excursions. I find it hard to put it into words so please visit their site and listen to the video. We visited Cape Town and enjoyed the vibrancy of the city and the surrounds. Steve did a fabulous job with bookings. No glitches at all from timing to pick ups and transfers! A wonderful experience.
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Steve Kuriga

By: Pianomansd

Reviewed on: 13 Oct 2016

As always, Steve did an excellent job organizing, planning, and getting us ready for our cruise. Wouldn't think of doing a trip without his expertise.
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Steve is great!

By: Cory

Reviewed on: 27 Jan 2017

An absolute pleasure. He is the best!
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Great as usual

By: Monk

Reviewed on: 31 Jan 2017

Outstanding as usual, helpful, thoughtful and creative!
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He’s great at what he does

By: Davi de

Reviewed on: 01 Feb 2018

I value Steve work, he’s thoughtful, imaginative, reliable and creative as well as very knowledgeable!
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By: Jimbo

Reviewed on: 24 Feb 2017

Excellent. He was very responsive and helpful. I got his name from a friend for whom he had planned a trip, called Steve. Told him what we wanted to do. He gave us some options. He then set everything up and all went smoothly.
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The best

By: Jimbo

Reviewed on: 30 Mar 2017

We were given Steve's contact info by friends who had used him to plan a trip to Panama. He took care of everything very well. Answered questions promptly. Set us up very nicely at reasonable cost. Would strongly recommend him.
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Greece-northern Europe Nyc and home

By: Davi d

Reviewed on: 09 Jun 2017

As usual great, competent,creative, responsive to the unexpected Steve is a stand out!
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France 2017

By: Karen C

Reviewed on: 10 Jul 2017

Great! Steve always finds great airfares and itineraries, and chooses hotels that I really enjoy
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By: Tom

Reviewed on: 31 Jul 2017

I used to plan and schedule my own trips. But as a widower I found that cruises want to book two people. Steve found a Cunard cruise that fit my requirements and wound up costing less for better service. He also booked most of my airline travel and obtained good deals on airlines I hadn't hear of. He was easy to work with and promptly responded to my inquiries. My only problem is the Cadence on-line 'Trip Advisor'. It never seemed to show a complete logical sequence of my trips.
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Airline travel

By: Dolly

Reviewed on: 05 Aug 2017

Outstanding customer service. He searched for the best possible air fare to meet travel requirements.
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Reviewed on: 27 Aug 2017

I love working with Steve. His recommendations are always spot on and his contacts with hotels treat me very well.
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By: Phyllis

Reviewed on: 28 Aug 2017

Steve is the best!
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Iceland Trip


Reviewed on: 17 Sep 2017

Great, Steve is amazing at customer care. His professionalism is rare.
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trips he has set up

By: cubs

Reviewed on: 17 Sep 2017

He is great at booking the trips and helping with everything.
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Italy/Scicily Sept 2017 Trip

By: greyspple

Reviewed on: 04 Oct 2017

Have done a number of independant overseas trips with Steve spearheading all details. Flights, ground transportation, hotels and sight seeing. We have never been disappointed with any aspect of his recommendations. Often he has sent us to locations and sites we have never heard of and they are always very special and provide some of our best memories!!!We send both family and friends to Steve for their personal and business travel needs!
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Steve Kuriga is a great asset

By: Davi d

Reviewed on: 06 Oct 2017

As usual, splendid.....!

Creative and competent

By: Ty

Reviewed on: 29 Oct 2017

Steve is an incredible help in our life. We normally make plans on the spur of the moment. Not an easy task. Steve greets eac problem with a relaxed attitude and when it really gets difficult - humor. I thought a travel agent was only concerned about getting the ticket reservation with little concern for cost. Wrong! Steve has saved us money over and over again Also a few times we have had airlines cancel our trip. A phone call to Steve and he is ready with another reservation. That is service. I have full confidence in Steve. I assure you no more long hours trying to book my own trips. Nor does my family. This Thanksgiving nine family members are meeting at a resort. Steve has organized six persons coming from different areas- different time zones to arrive at the same time. Come on! Thanks Steve for going beyond Ty and Bill Norgren
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Excellent advisor

By: Glenn

Reviewed on: 28 Nov 2017

Excellent. Steve is prompt and thorough.
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By: Tom

Reviewed on: 27 Nov 2017

Very good. Sometimes a bit slow when he's off on another trip of his own, but worth the wait.
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Excellent travel advisor

By: Glenn

Reviewed on: 21 Apr 2018

Very efficient and responsive. Highly recommend.
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Steve is great

By: Dee dee

Reviewed on: 09 Jun 2018

He’s a master advisor and arranger
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Proved his worth and experience

By: Aloha

Reviewed on: 07 Jun 2018

Steve was interested in getting to know our travel goals and limitations. He showed he had very useful experience and was willing to alert us to things we might not have realized if we hadn't been to the destination before. We were glad he "had our backs" if anything went awry, and will likely turn to him again for further travel bookings.
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cadence steve kuriga review

By: dee

Reviewed on: 12 Jul 2018

always a quick, helpful response...
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Helped us out in a bind

By: Hank

Reviewed on: 12 Jul 2018

Steve was quick to find reasonable airfare and flights to rush our daughter home for a family emergency. In the past, he was instrumental at moving our daughter along in many international destinations to and from remote regions of the world. Thank you again for bringing us peace of mind during challenging times:)
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The Best

By: Ty

Reviewed on: 16 Jul 2018

Steve is available, knowledgeable and always willing to accept my myriad of changes with good humor. Also he suggests great properties. What more could one possibly want ? He gets a gold star from me!!!
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By: Attc

Reviewed on: 29 Sep 2018

Great, he takes care of everything. Very trustworthy and hard working. Goes above and beyond every time.
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By: Sparker

Reviewed on: 27 Sep 2018

Steve did an awesome job adding me to a trip to join a friend who had signed up in February. Due to my late entry, Steve worked with Gate 1 to accommodate us on an upgraded trip as the original trip was full. The flight arrangements to and from Perú went very well and all connecting flights were on time. Gate 1 did an excellent job coordinating all tours, transportation and accommodations. It was as a fabulous trip.
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Great work

By: Davidi

Reviewed on: 13 Nov 2018

Efficient, thorough, reliable effective
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By: Ty

Reviewed on: 17 Nov 2018

Steve always comes through with the highest marks as far as I am concerned!” Never wanted a travel agent but now do not wish to go across Girard without his direction. What a change! In this day and age where people are saying “I can do it myself. “ I insist - not a chance!
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As always Steve was thoughtful,helpfu and great follow thru

By: Davide

Reviewed on: 07 Jan 2019

As usual, great efficient and thoughtful
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Trip to Israel

By: Pamela

Reviewed on: 26 Jan 2019

He’s great. Took all my travel needs into consideration.
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Peru trip

By: Howard B

Reviewed on: 22 Feb 2019

Steve put together a wonderful trip for us and was responsive when things went sideways because of weather that caused us to miss connections. We asked him to set up the trip and he did so. It was just what we hoped it would be.
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Recent cruise

By: Stan

Reviewed on: 13 Apr 2019

Steve was very helpful and professional; as he always does for our trips!
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Steve's assistance

By: Bev

Reviewed on: 07 May 2019

Very helpful and professional, as always!!
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The Pursuit f Excellence..

By: Dede

Reviewed on: 14 May 2019

Steve was very helpful in all regards. His hotel suggestion was excellent - very good service at a small hotel in the Mayfair location in London. The itinerary, including three major locations in London, worked out well.
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Southern Italy

By: Richard

Reviewed on: 24 Jun 2019

Great. He was very receptive and knowledgeable. He picked great places for us.
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Europe Trip

By: Frida Friend

Reviewed on: 12 Aug 2019

Steve was fantastic. He planned every detail of our trip and prepare a great package of information for us. We are very pleased with his services.
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Rolling Stones/ Catalina

By: Dr. P

Reviewed on: 03 Sep 2019

I have known and used Steve for over 20 years. My wife and I do not do much traveling, but when we do, Steve is our go to guy!! We just celebrated our 32nd anniversary going to see the Stones out to Catalina for 2 nights. Steve made it all come together without a snag. Can't wait for our next trip which we will book through Steve and I know it will be WONFERFUL...…..Thanks again, Dr.P
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Steve continues to be a gift to my trip efforts

By: Davide

Reviewed on: 03 Oct 2019

Arranged great trip for my son
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Cabo Trip

By: Charo

Reviewed on: 23 Oct 2019

Steve was so helpful booking my ticket to Cabo. He is easy to reach and very effective. He is always available when you need to do changes to your trip. I will definitely use Steve again for all my future business trip...
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great trip, great perks

By: cwilks

Reviewed on: 07 Nov 2019

Steve was responsive and we had a great trip with extra special touches thanks to Steve.
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By: Richard

Reviewed on: 06 Nov 2019

It’s always great working w Steve. He knows his stuff and handles all the details. It takes all the stress out of our trip planning.
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Rhône Christmas markets

By: Lucy

Reviewed on: 02 Jan 2020

He was very attentive and helped me plan our great trip down the Rhine .
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By: Daisy

Reviewed on: 01 Feb 2020

A breeze. Took all the worry out of it
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Panama Canal trip

By: john

Reviewed on: 31 Jan 2020

Steve was great to work with and we had a great trip. Thanks
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First time with Steve and he is amazîg

By: Christophe

Reviewed on: 31 Jan 2020

I have been a long time member and fan of Virtuoso but the first time using Steve. Right in target he helped me achieve my goal. I will keep using Steve from no one as I need a closer travel agent for my need. Even though i live in Costa Rica and he lives in San Diego we are close enough to make a successful team. Happy customer here and i would recommend Steve to everyone
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Easy Peasy

By: Montana Traveler

Reviewed on: 04 Feb 2020

Steve was most concise, communicative and helpful during the entire process of booking our tickets I hope to work with him again soon.

Travel advisor


Reviewed on: 19 Oct 2020

Excellent in assisting and planning our trip in every way. From researching locations to ensuring our stay and experience was good. Thank you
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No problems

By: Jah

Reviewed on: 03 Jun 2021

Great service, responsive, no issues
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Great Trip

By: Jsmith

Reviewed on: 21 Jun 2021

Steve did a great job with planning our trip and making suggestions. We also had to reschedule and deal with other issues related to COVID and its aftermath flying internationally. Steve helped us prepare properly and figure out what we needed. This would have been a very complex and painful process on our own. The only minor thing I would have liked to have had was more communication up front about the fees that are charged for booking flights that our included in the pricing. These of course are completely justified, but they are something that we overlooked. So when COVID restrictions forced us to reschedule our trip and rebook our flights, we did not realize that these fees were going to be additional costs that were not refunded. It was something I should have realized earlier in the process, but having these booking fees clearly outlined at the beginning would helped me be prepared to have to pay them again when rebooking flights. Overall Steve was excellent and I recommend.
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Review by edwin

By: edwin

Reviewed on: 28 Jun 2021

First class. Very responsive and cost effective
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