Marla Fowler

Marla Fowler

Marla Fowler | Luxury Travel, an independent affiliate of EMBARK Beyond
New York, NY United States

Unlike many of my colleagues, I was not a born traveler. Other than the occasional road trip, my parents aversion to flying meant we didn't stray very far, but they did instill in me the passion that there are adequate ways to experience something or some place, and there are memorably superior ways...and life is too short for option A!

Fortunately for my wanderlust and Option B attitude, I married a seasoned world traveler who made it his instant mission to get my passport stamped, so my very first flight (and trip out of the country) was for our honeymoon to St. Maarten. This happened to coincide with a flight attendant strike resulting in all sorts of hiccups and delays, but as an apology for our troubles, we were upgraded to First Class and presented two lovely glasses of champagne before takeoff.

And that is the day a luxury traveler - and in turn, a Luxury Travel Advisor - was born!

Since that first flight almost thirty years ago, I have been fortunate enough to explore and learn and experience and share in amazing destinations all around the globe. I make it my mission to dive in and "live like a local" and experience something off the beaten and typical path everywhere that I go.

It's hard to pick favorites, but some of my most unforgettable travel memories include swimming with a jaguar in Honduras, sailing through the majestic Fjords of Norway, climbing an active volcano in Sicily, flying a falcon in Scotland, and selecting a favorite vintage in exclusive cellars all over the Champagne region of France.

Of course nothing tops the amazing experiences I've had in my own home of New Orleans, where I am a NOLA Destination and Destination Wedding Specialist, encouraging first-time or even frequent visitors to go Beyond Bourbon St. and find the luxury and unique experiences we so proudly offer.

Now that is my story, but it doesn't necessarily fit the description of all of my clients. My years in the travel industry have allowed me to enjoy working with all ages and travel types. From solo travelers to multi-generational family groups, honeymooners to empty-nesters.

Very different travel styles and goals, but what do they all have in common? Quite simply, they want to travel better.

Better than they have previously, and better than their neighbors and friends posting on Facebook. (it's ok to admit that). They want knowledge, service, and VALUE - and they know that the latter isn't always accomplished by going with the bargain deal.

Essentially, they want an expert who will listen, ask questions, create, advise, steer, suggest, inspire, manage, and they've all come to me!

Regardless of your travel style and goals, I'm here to help you take the road less traveled by, and like those mentioned above, to quite simply travel better!

Wishing you Happy Travels!


Destination Specialties

  • Italy
  • France
  • Greece
  • United Kingdom
  • Norway
  • United States - All
  • Bahamas
  • Thailand
  • Turks And Caicos Islands
  • Canada
  • South Africa
  • Mexico
  • Dominican Republic
  • China
  • Germany


  • Culture, History & Arts
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  • Ocean Cruising
  • River Cruising
  • Destination Weddings


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