Helen Jordan

Helen Jordan

An independent affiliate of Brownell Travel
Tempe, AZ United States

As your ambassador to the world, I aim to fuel your passion for travel! My love of travel began with an actual love story: my parents! While stationed in France, my dad fell for a beautiful, young French woman working at the base (my mom), My family lived in many places as we moved with my dad's assignments. Experiencing new destinations and cultures became part of my DNA, so it was only natural that I join the travel industry.

I strive to get to know you and your vision for the trip. What story do you want to tell when you return home? Your vision guides my design process - I focus on curating experiences that get you out of the tourist traps and into the areas where locals truly live. I believe immersion in the destination can transform an average trip into an exceptional one.

My hand-crafted journeys place you in captivating destinations where you can engage with local communities, embrace their culture, and responsibly preserve the environment. I use my first-hand knowledge, deep relationships with the best travel partners around the globe, and amazing Brownell family to find unique and extraordinary experiences that match your personality.

I am excited and proud to announce that Jordan Luxury Travel, as an independent affiliate of Brownell Travel, has been named one of the first Forbes Travel Guide Endorsed agencies! FTG is the only independent global rating system for luxury hotels, restaurants, spas, and ocean cruises. Their commitment to offering verified and reputable travel experiences match the standard I hold for Jordan Luxury Travel.

Thank you to Brownell Travel for paving the way forward toward extraordinary experiences and passionate entrepreneurs. I am honored to be recognized by the global authority on luxury hospitality for a commitment to providing my clients with exceptional travel experiences.

Destination Specialties

  • Croatia
  • Saint Barthélemy
  • Maldives
  • Costa Rica
  • Turks And Caicos Islands
  • Saint Lucia
  • Turkey
  • Belize
  • Mauritius
  • Colombia
  • French Polynesia
  • United States - All
  • Kenya
  • Anguilla
  • Mexico


  • Honeymoons
  • Yacht Charter
  • Adventure
  • Food & Wine
  • Independent Tours


  • English


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