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My Background

I was fortunate to be born a multi-cultural mutt – Korealian or Italiorean, take your pick – and it left an indelible impression on my soul before I even knew how to say “Annyong” (Korean for “Hi”). Having a “Crazy Tiger Mom” on the one side and Ranger Joe for a dad on the other, meant that I was always being pushed out of my comfort zone in some way. For example, I started preschool in Korea without even speaking the language, and not only did I quickly become fluent, I learned to love tofu and kimchi at an age when many kids turn their noses up at the blandest chicken nuggets.

This colorful upbringing deeply instilled a wanderlust that as of yet, I’ve been unable to quench. (I’m taking it one adventure at a time though!) I love the thrill of exploring a new locale, interacting with locals and doing my best not to butcher their native tongue while practicing expanding my language skills. Experiencing cultures through language, dress, and food – oh, how I love to eat my way through a new destination!

Whether it’s beachy or wooded, urban or rural, there’s something about being somewhere completely foreign and unlike home, yet still finding pockets of familiarity, that reminds me how connected we all are as fellow humans. A hot meal and a warm smile translate into fast friendships no matter where in the world you may find yourself. I firmly believe that by having travel experiences that get us just a little outside our comfort zone, get us to interact with new people and new ideas, get us to see life through a different perspective – that’s where magic happens.

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