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My Background

It would be my pleasure to pass on to you my knowledge & expertise gained through many years working in the travel industry. And also from being a world traveller!

Most of my time has been spent as a personal travel advisor in offices in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. I have also worked as a flight attendant with the international division of Virgin Australia Airlines and as an airfare specialist helping travel agents.

I place a high regard on top customer service and believe that my clients should feel that they have my total attention, regardless of the travel arrangements they need to make. 

I also believe good and clear communication is important and to that end stay in touch with my clients with updates and information through-out the booking and travelling process.

If you would allow me the privilege of handling your travel arrangements, you can be assured of a high level of professionalism and care.

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Expert friendly service

By: Joy

Reviewed on: 02 Dec 2015

Thanks for overseeing travel arrangements for recent trip. Appreciated extra tips & willingness to go extra mile. Would recommend daylight saving awareness included please & no breakfast included in hotel cost on day of early departure.

Service - Above and Beyond

By: Dave

Reviewed on: 10 Dec 2015

My wife and I contacted Stephen on the recommendation of a friend when normally I do all of my own bookings. However this trip was gong to be a little more than a short trip to somewhere in Canada or the States and in fact would take us to multiple countries and around the world. As it turned out we had to change the trip substantially and ended up booking just one return flight to India through Stephen. But this was after he spent considerable time researching different options for us and didn't appear to "blink an eye" when I told him our trip was being modified - he just did what he could to help us. So if anybody is looking for someone to assist them with travel issues there is no doubt that Stephen has the best interests of his clients at heart and has a genuine desire to make sure they are satisfied.

Good and timely service

By: granola

Reviewed on: 03 Jan 2016

Good trip, especially coming home. The customs and security in Toronto heading to US was horrendous, backed up by an hour, with not enough manpower, but that was not the fault of the agency. Coming back was a breeze. Thank you very much

Excellent service

By: Going places

Reviewed on: 08 Mar 2016

We received excellent service from Stephen and would recommend him. He charges a fee, but it's worth it.

Awesome Service

By: Lelly

Reviewed on: 25 Aug 2016

On a recent trip I was travelling with a large group and there were a number of problems -- a missed flight, problems with immigration, and a cancelled flight. If it weren't for this super awesome and patient agent I wouldn't have been able to enjoy the trip or indeed get to my destination. This guy is a gem.

Got me out of a tight spot

By: Boffo

Reviewed on: 28 Mar 2016

I was supposed to fly through Brussels the day after the bombings. Stephen rerouted all my flights, arranged my hotel, and sent it all along ever email. I would never have been able to sort this out myself!

Competent and friendly

By: Helene

Reviewed on: 02 May 2016

My trip to Florida went very well. Upon return, there was a change at the Toronto airport. My written instructions conflicted with the new method of handling passengers who were connecting with other flights. The process had been just recently changed, and my written instructions were not up to date. However, it was easily corrected by the people at the airport. Service from Stephen has always been excellent: friendly and efficient.

Perfect vacation, everything covered

By: jpuddy

Reviewed on: 31 May 2016

Stephen knew we were looking to get away, and he messaged me about a great deal with Air Canada Vacations. He gave me some brief details and I just said "Book it!" We wanted somewhere quiet, just for my wife and I, all inclusive. Stephen booked everything for us, sent us all our details, and arranged for full payment to be made later. His instructions for travel were perfect, we met our vacation agent easily at the airport, and everything worked out great. We had a wonderful vacation, and will book our next travel again with Stephen.

Well beyond the call

By: Westcock folks

Reviewed on: 13 Nov 2016

Stephen really worked hard to line up our accommodations for this trip and he did a superb job. Many thanks!

Perfect service

By: Liz

Reviewed on: 13 Nov 2016

I was amazed to be in the front seat of the plane both coming and going to Toronto./Montreal. Changed planes in Montreal coming back and was in the front of the second section. One downside - NO food from M'real to Moncton.

Worry Free Travel

By: Dan

Reviewed on: 21 Nov 2016

Stephen continues to provide friendly and straight forward travel planning for our trips. He makes sure all the details are taken care of for our travels. I highly recommend his prompt service.

patient, cheerful and helpful

By: RedEmma

Reviewed on: 12 Nov 2016

I was not an easy customer. I was slow in making decisions regarding my travel plans, and made various changes, due to competing factors. Stephen did an excellent job, and my trip went very smoothly and I had nothing to worry about. Thanks, Stepen!

Flawless Trip

By: Jan

Reviewed on: 15 Nov 2016

The headline says it all! There was nothing left undone prior to our vacation and so it was truly flawless. We had fun planning our trip with Steven because he is so personable and he adjusted the planning to our pace. I consider these to be fine attributes for a travel advisor.

Wonderfully Planned

By: Happy Traveller

Reviewed on: 12 Nov 2016

Our trip was planned perfectly to suit us and we thoroughly enjoyed it! The choice of tour company and our cottage were excellent. We were very satisfied!

non trip

By: pikachu

Reviewed on: 21 Jan 2017

Stephen is wonderful to work with, friendly and efficient

Group trip to New Orleans

By: Mike

Reviewed on: 02 Mar 2017

Stephen is a pleasure to work with. He responds to any issue quickly and efficiently - even in the evening and on week-ends! I find the advice that he provides to be very helpful and an important addition to the overall success of the trip, especially with a large group of 14 people. He made many suggestions that have saved us a great deal of time and money. Thanks Stephen!

Maiden Voyage!

By: Patty Kake

Reviewed on: 10 Apr 2017

This was my first trip arranged by Stephen Puddle and I would so very highly recommend anyone to him----which I have done by the way!! He was in contact with my as soon as he had to make an adjustment with my arrival back home which I appreciated very much. Because there were several airports that I could have landed at, I was given the chose but also informed of the different cost for choosing that one. I really loved how he made sure I was clear on all the details and would help in any other way he could--even offered to drive me to the very early morning flight out!! Thank you so much Stephen for the wonderful and curtious service you give to all your customers! OX

Flights/ train connections

By: Beegirl5

Reviewed on: 22 Apr 2017

Stephen wasgreat. Hewas nice person to work within lanning the flights for our recent trip to Italyand the Netherlands. He also figured our how wecould travel through the Swiss Alps on a train and then go to Amsterdam. I would most definitely use Stephen's services again and continue to refer others to Stephen , as a travel agent. Yours truly, Carol Dennett

Holland trip

By: Gloria

Reviewed on: 11 May 2017

Stephen is great to work with - he has made travel arrangements for me in the past and will continue to use his services in future.

Spring Travel

By: Lily

Reviewed on: 23 May 2017

Stephen is a good listener and takes in quickly the details of what you're looking for in your travel. His attention to detail allows one to be comfortable with his arrangements and bookings. He sets you off with an itemized list of everything you need to know for each day. On this last trip everything worked out beautifully. We were very pleased with our trip.

Knowledgeable and friendly

By: JP

Reviewed on: 29 May 2017

Stephen understands what travelers need and want, and always builds my trips with my tastes in mind. Whether I'm constrained by cost, timeline, or other complications, he's always able to get me to my destination and back in a way I'm happy with. Highly recommended.

Efficient, friendly and effective

By: Alice's Boyfriend

Reviewed on: 26 Jun 2017

Stephen. Was able to quickly and effectively find reasonably price flights for last minute trip to New Orleans I would recommend him anytime

Strong Client Service Focus Makes for a Fabulous Trip

By: Peekaboo

Reviewed on: 18 Jul 2017

Stephen's knowledge of New Zealand plus his strong client service focus resulted in an itinerary which was manageable, accommodations which were satisfactory and a trip which allowed us to achieve our travel goal to see as much of New Zealand as possible in the time we had available. He ensured that all the details were looked after and that we had all the documentation we required. Thank you, Stephen. It was a pleasure to work with you!

Flight from Alaska to Vancouver

By: Susan

Reviewed on: 16 Sep 2017

I found Stephen very easy to deal with when we planned our flight from Fairbanks, Alaska to Vancouver, BC. He went out of his way to ensure all 6 travelling people together were on the same flight and let us know of any changes in the flight times. Alaska Air was a good choice to travel with. I would certainly recommend Stephen to others and plan on asking him to help with future travel plans. Thank you Stephen, our trip was fantastic.

Special Travel Agent

By: Binchy

Reviewed on: 10 Nov 2017

Excellent! Many things can go wrong when booking a business/vacation trip. Having worked in the fifties in the travel business, I am well aware of this. Stephen is dependable, helpful, and very reliable. We are indeed fortunate to have him and Vision as our travel agent.

Review your advisor

By: Rosie

Reviewed on: 15 Jan 2018

Excellent. Stephen listens to what I want and is prompt is handling my travel plans.


By: Patty Kake

Reviewed on: 02 Mar 2018

I found Stephen to be very professional in every sense. At times going out of his way to source things out for the trip. I would recommend Mr. Puddle to anyone who wants a very thrall and up to date travel agent.

Trip to BC

By: D and L

Reviewed on: 29 Apr 2018

Stephen is always very prompt and professional with all our travel plans with him. He finds finds the best flights for the best value that meets our travel needs. We would recommend Stephen as a travel advisor.

Trip to UK

By: Cisco

Reviewed on: 14 Jun 2018

Stephen always performs any of my requests to perfection. Working with him is always a pleasure! I am kept informed, and I feel confident dealing with him. He is a professional! What more can I say?

Stephen Puddle

By: lizajane

Reviewed on: 29 Jun 2018

Wonderful! It was a pleasure working with him.

Fast, dependable, kind.

By: Vallie

Reviewed on: 03 Aug 2018

It was easy and enjoyable. Stephen is a great person, easy to get along with. He solved a lot of problems that came up for me, changes of plans, etc., to make my travel smooth and hassle-free. Thank you.

Excellent Service

By: one who wanders

Reviewed on: 15 Aug 2018

Stephen returns calls promptly, is diligent is searching out good prices and practical flight plans. Everything is always in order and, although I have never has a glitch, I suspect he would give it his immediate attention. I highly recommend him as a travel advisor.

Europe trip

By: Disey

Reviewed on: 21 Oct 2018

Very knowledgeable, he made my trip a complete success. He went above and beyond to find out information I needed for our journey

Stephen Puddle

By: Raakel

Reviewed on: 17 Jan 2019

I enjoyed having Stephen as my travel Advisor. He was very kind, helpful and informative.

Australian Adventure


Reviewed on: 02 May 2019

Very polite and couteous to help plan our trip of a lifetime. We could not have done this without his help. Very thorough.

Very pleased

By: ZennedOut

Reviewed on: 07 Jun 2019

Stephen is very accommodating and helpful. No stress. I can just sit back and let Stephen handle it.

Very good experience

By: Eugene

Reviewed on: 06 Jun 2019

Terrific. He worked wonders for me.

Reflecting on travel arrangements made by S. Puddle

By: Traveller

Reviewed on: 15 Jul 2019

On my behalf, Stephen arranged travel arrangements for a recent trip that I made. The trip was organized on short notice. He generously communicated with me over a weekend and kindly gave me several options to help me decide if the venture was doable at reasonable cost. When a plan took shape, he efficiently organized for the actual flights - each of which was nicely timed to allow for my hosts to get me to the airport at reasonable times. When away, he quickly responded to an emailed question that I sent. I sincerely appreciate the kind and professional assistance that was given to me respecting the organization of the travel for this recent trip.

Easy trip and helpful advise

By: Elliot

Reviewed on: 24 Aug 2019

Stephen was very helpful when we need help on our trip. Everything worked out fine in the end and his advice more just reassured us more than anything else.

Trip to Ireland, UK and Home

By: The 2 B's

Reviewed on: 11 Sep 2019

It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Stephen, he assisted us wherever he could and provided us with all the information we could have wished for to make our first trip abroad as easy and as trouble free as possible. Stephen went out of his way to find the best possible flights for us with the least amount of time spent at the connecting airport, as we had requested. He provided us with pictures and information of the planes that we would be flying on as well as pictures and information of Dubai International Airport to assist us as we changed from one flight to the next. Our whole experience with Stephen was amazing and we would highly recommend him to Friends and Family travelling abroad.

Personable and dependable

By: Sally

Reviewed on: 21 Sep 2019

Stephen expert’y Accommodated all my different needs cheerfully and my trip went smoothly without a hitch.

Advisor review

By: Bee68

Reviewed on: 07 Nov 2019

Very good. I found him very helpful and open to suggestions as to travel within the country we were visiting.

London Trip

By: HappyChemist

Reviewed on: 25 Nov 2019

Very smooth trip to London, UK. A flight was changed a week before leaving, and Stephen adjusted our travel plans to reduce a long lay-over into something reasonable. Much appreciated. Very happy to deal with Stephen.

Excellent support, all details covered

By: Jonathan P

Reviewed on: 01 Dec 2019

Stephen takes the time to learn your travel preferences and build an itinerary that meets your needs (balancing cost, convenience, comfort, etc.) and is safe and enjoyable. He's easy to contact and quick to respond. Highly recommended.


By: J

Reviewed on: 12 Feb 2020

He was very through, helpful. Always available to answer any questions. I have already recommended Stephen to my friends and I shall be working with him again for my next trip.

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