Travesías Magazine

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Travesías Magazine

Virtuoso’s publishing partner in Latin America


Virtuoso is proud of our long-standing publishing partnership with Travesías, the leading travel magazine in Latin America. Virtuoso Life en Español is published six times per year as an insert within Travesías, and both titles showcase authentic, experiential travel.

Travesías believes that traveling is an attitude – a way of seeing, experiencing, and living in the world, whether wandering a labyrinth of Beijing hutongs or poking about downtown Mexico City’s chaotic streets. What’s it all about? Enjoying cities and destinations the way the locals do.  Readers know they’ll find the offbeat stories in the pages of Travesías: everything from a star architect’s latest masterpieces to a street-food tour through Bangkok, alongside pieces that dig into a destination’s social and political life. Real travelers don’t just move; they know, and learn, about the worlds they visit, as well as all the possible worlds surrounding them.
  • Published 11 times a year
  • 125,000 readers
  • 30,000 Virtuoso Life en Español copies 6 times per year
  • Virtuoso's exclusive partnership with Travesías spans more than a decade
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