What's Included

While all Virtuoso travel advisors can plan extraordinary, customized trips one at a time, our Wanderlist advisors are trained on how to use your travel portfolio to prioritize vacations most ideal for you now, plus map out your future possibilities.  

  • ✓ Customized portals for each traveler.
  • ✓ Linked results to compare common interests.
  • ✓ Explore over 160 destinations.
    • Watch videos. Listen to music. Read stories.
    • Discover new experiences tailored to your interests.
    • Find out the best times to visit.
    • Get lost for hours exploring our world.
  • ✓Accessible by phone, tablet and computer.
  • ✓ Annual plan. Contact advisor for a quote.
  • ✓ Work with a certified portfolio guide
  • ✓ Ongoing portfolio monitoring and alerts:
    • Time to start planning next trip
    • Favorable savings opportunities
    • Curated stories and ideas
    • Safety notifications
    • Quarterly check-ins and annual review
  • ✓ Access to expert travel advisors to assist with trips.
  • ✓ Traveler DNA snapshots
  • ✓ Side-by-side traveler comparison charts:
    • Places in common
    • Interests in common
    • Travel preferences in common
    • Top 5 places and interests
  • ✓ Savings analysis
  • ✓ Calendar scheduling tools
  • ✓ Review, share and interpret traveler results.
  • ✓ Map out future travel possibilities.
  • ✓ Identify best travel dates by seasonality, value and personal schedules.
  • ✓ Share savings opportunities.
  • ✓ Forecast future travel investment levels.
  • ✓ Present online and handcrafted Travel Portfolio book.
  • ✓ Adjust plan as life needs change.

  • ✓ Virtuoso Hotel Privileges – Available in over 1,000 luxury hotels. Privileges may include, daily breakfast for two, $100 spa, dining or shopping credits, upgrade on arrival, and upgrade at time of booking at 75+ hotels.
  • ✓ Virtuoso Cruise Privileges - Available on over 500 sailings. Choice of shipboard credits, private car & driver or exclusive shore event.
  • ✓ Complimentary subscription to the award-winningVirtuoso Life magazine.
  • ✓ Complimentary Virtuoso Best of The Best book.