Virtuoso Incubator

Virtuoso Incubator

Fostering technology and innovation in the travel industry

What is Virtuoso Incubator?

As a primary goal, the purpose of the Virtuoso Incubator is to ensure Virtuoso member agencies have access to the very best technology available in the industry, regardless of source.

Our goal is to encourage investment in tools and technology, ensuring entrepreneurs have access to the tools and advice to take advantage of the Virtuoso network.

We provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors in this space to learn the needs and insights of Virtuoso member agencies and advisors. They can provide a vital link to finesse business models, prioritize business requirements, and test and validate many assumptions facing emerging technology tools. Here is an overview of the program.

How can my company participate?

If you'd like to be considered for the Virtuoso Incubator program,  please complete the online expression of interest form. Please e-mail us at if you have questions.

What companies are currently participating in the Virtuoso Incubator program?
  • Groupdesk: Group travel software that moves inventory management, registration and payments, into traveler self-serviced online portals and sites. Groupdesk automates time-consuming administration for advisors while removing many potentially error-prone steps.
  • A platform that enables advisors to create a website in minutes as well as market and book client itineraries collaboratively and easily. Advisors and partners can craft unique itineraries and market and sell inventory online through the platform.
  • Emadri: A tool that generates relevant, shoppable packing recommendations for travelers through technology that companies can plug into, automatically serving clients with personalized suggestions to improve their travel experience.
  • Sion: A platform that streamlines payment, management, and receipt of commissions by helping advisors organize bookings and track open invoices.

Incubator Program Graduates

Virtuoso is continually welcoming new partners into our portfolio.  Explore Incubator program graduates here.
Become a Beta Tester
If you’d like to serve on the Advisory Panel for one or more of the Incubator Participants, please email

What's is Virtuoso Incubator?

Tools & Technology for Travel Advisors
Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of the program and how it works.  
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