Stories Of A Journey To Global Citizenship™

Explore new lands with your family ...
... aid elephants in Thailand ...
... and show your young child the world.

What Is A Journey To Global Citizenship?™

The definition comes from you (and your family). This page provides resources around the idea.


As an organization, Virtuoso is focused on the idea of helping travelers craft "A Journey To Global Citizenship." This can take many iterations – it can mean traveling with your family, traveling with young children, or designing travel opportunities specifically aimed at new types of learning. In reality, what it means lies in your own family and how you choose to define it.

This page, however, is dedicated to resources we've collected on the topic. Every Virtuoso advisor is comfortable booking multi-generational family travel, so if you'd be interested in contacting an advisor, use the blue button at the bottom of this page.

Articles If you'd be interested in working with a Virtuoso travel advisor to coordinate these paths to global citizenship for your family, connect below.

Why Use An Advisor For These Trips?

Varied Itineraries Are Key
If you view these trips as akin to multi-generational family travel, an advisor is crucial. Activities need to be diversified accordingly. Advisors coordinate these all the time. Click to learn more.