5 Best U.S. Cities for Mobile Culinary Delights

5 Best U.S. Cities for Mobile Culinary Delights

Today, mobile eateries offer an array of gourment foods, including delicious dishes and tempting treats.
Today, mobile eateries offer an array of gourment foods, including delicious dishes and tempting treats.
In honor of National Food Truck Day, Virtuoso travel advisors share their top five picks for the best cities to visit for cuisine on wheels. Though street food is nothing new, we are now living in the golden age of food trucks (pumpkin spiced waffles and sushi burritos, anyone?).

1.  New York City

Once synonymous with hot dogs and chicken kebabs, New York has reinvented its mobile munchies. Think falafel sandwiches, Maine lobster rolls, and Hungarian-fried flatbread. Tacos el Bronco is a must-visit; the truck is so famous, it sends delivery guys out on scooters. Some of the city’s most celebrated grub on wheels, like Mexicue, have increased in popularity so much that they now boast a brick and mortar location as well.

2.  Los Angeles

Rumored to be the birthplace of food trucks, long-standing taco carts are now neighbors with farm-to-table chefs, pizza trucks, and mobile donut shops. Don’t miss the Kogi Korean BBQ, widely credited with re-energizing the food truck movement; and Ta Boom, the first Brazilian truck to hit the streets of LA. The city also celebrates street food with an annual week-long event in July.

3.  Austin

Texas’ capital city has been known for supporting mobile nom machines long before other places in the country. Today, there are more than 1,000 food trucks in Austin. Head to East King Side, helmed by Top Chef winner Paul Qui. The truck is a vibrant and colorful work of art known for its beet home fries and curry buns. Don’t miss the fried turkey, ham and cheese sandwich topped with powdered sugar and fig jam at Hey! You Gonna Eat or What, one of the most popular trucks in the city.

4.  San Francisco

Fried oyster and bacon sandwiches, curry goat tacos, and Vietnamese caramel ribs are just a slice of what’s on offer. Food trucks are so integral to San Francisco, the city offers a number of festivals devoted to their existence. The SoMa Street Food Park features a rotating lineup of trucks and hosts DJ parties and trivia nights; and Off the Grid, a roaming food truck collective, is a popular gathering spot among locals and visitors alike.

5.  Portland

It’s no secret that cuisine is a huge part of this city’s identity, and Portland has been at the forefront of the food truck revolution. With more than 500 trucks, deciding which ones to visit is tough. In addition to crowd favorites like homemade mac and cheese, expect diverse options like Garden Monsters, serving oversized salads; and smoothie stands including Moberi that require patrons to blend their own acai bowls by pedaling on a stationary bike.

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